BagEZ trash bag holder for indoor and outdoor waste management

BagEZ Trash Bag Holder
The Best Tool For Easy Waste Disposal

BagEZ trash bag holder keeps your environment clean and organized without bulky trash cans with. It hangs anywhere, fits all bag sizes, takes up no floor space, and is a handy waste management solution for storage, organization, or garbage collection.

Anywhere You Want

Compact, durable and versatile that’s BagEZ. All you need, is a bag, a place to hang your trash bag holder to manage waste like a pro to keep your environment clean


Maintain a tidy camp Hang trash out of reach of pets & animals.


Hold bags open to conveniently collect, store & transport litter


Hangs your trash bag holder on backyard fences tables or wall


At work or a tailgate cookout event, BagEZ makes garbage disposal easy


BagEZ is made to resist corrosion Making it ideal for beach & marine trips


Avoid table clutter & walks to bins Hang BagEZ from picnic table

Dual Function

Trash Bag Holder

There are 2 ways to use BagEZ.
  • It stays open for fast waste disposal
  • Keep bags shut to reduce odors flies and hide trash
Your BagEZ trash bag holder makes waste management storage and organization without trash cans easy convenient and affordable

How To Use BagEZ trash bag holder

BagEZ trash bag holder: Set Up - A

Hang Frame



Pull Bag Over


Press Clips On

Done -Throw Away


Hang bag wide open Throw waste quick & easy

BagEZ trash bag holder: Set Up-B

Flies & Bad Smell Fix



Complete Setup A


Pull Bag Through



Compact Garbage Disposal Solution Close the bag To keep bugs out & reduce odors

What Our

Customers Say - BagEZ Reviews

Nice for efficiency space.
I actually bought this because I needed a way to manage a trash bag without taking up floor space with a trash can. So far it’s worked great; the “hook” ends fit together on a drawer knob or wall nail, etc.

I suggest a little practice with putting the plastic corner pieces on before trying with a bag so you get a feel for how it clips together. You have to press firmly along the length of each piece so it sits completely on the metal frame.

While I think it’s a bit high priced, there’s nothing else I’ve found that does exactly what I needed.


February 10, 2020

Good strong grip
It holds more weight than a trash bag can


August 12, 2022

Works Great!
This bag holder is great! The process of attaching the bag is simple and it holds it firm. The only issue we’ve discovered so far, is that in order to open it completely, a slightly large plastic bag is best. Certainly a full size garbage bag would work great!

Richard Wiegand

May 30, 2020

Recommend it
I recommended it, very smart and simple


November 4, 2021

Problems With Other

Trash Bag Holder & Waste Baskets

Bags Fall In

Bags Get Stuck

Bags Too Small

Bins Fall Down

Accessible To Pets

Takes Up Space

Why Choose BagEZ?

Bag Size

Never have a bag not fit or fall into the can with trash

No Struggle

No Bags get stuck bags Unclip & your bag falls free

No Assembly

No parts to join. Simply Clip on a bag. That's it

Fallen Cans

Wind, pets & critters Cant access or topple BagEZ

Portable & Compact

Never have a bag not fit or fall into the can with trash


Trash bag holder that adapts to your needs

BagEZ money back guarantee

Money Back


Let’s keep it simple: If unsatisfied,
send your BagEZ portable bag holder back for a refund. Also available on Amazon, the trusted online marketplace

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