Protect Bins From Filth, Grime & Odours

Stop nasty gunk from sticking & stinking up garbage, recycling & compost bins. Keep your cans clean, fresh & looking like new without cleaning, spraying or effort

Turn Your Trash Bags Into Trash Cans

Stop Gunk From Sticking & Stinking Up Your Garbage & Compost Bins. Keep Outdoor waste containers fresh & looking like new without cleaning, spraying or effort

SimplifyingTrash Can Cleaning

Trash bags are great. They make managing waste convenient and are used as bin liners for most garbage containers, but sadly they do not stretch over our large outdoor trash cans. The solution BagEZ

Our Senseless Cleaning Cycle

Why Wash Bins

Organic waste, garbage juice, and other yucky matter coat bin walls and release foul odours that stink up your surroundings and draw in hungry pests. They can also transfer harmful germs that can make us sick.

Why Washing Is A Short Lived Fix

Washing a dirty bin removes odours and filth, but without regular maintenance, it quickly stinks up again.
Dirty Bins Cause A Stink &
Attract Pests Seeking Food

Diapers, pet & food waste, the nasty stuff. It coats the inside of our bin, produces a foul smell around our home & brings in critters such as raccoons and mice looking for food.

We Wash Bins
or Hire A Trash Can Cleaner

Washing a stinky bin is nasty work. Scrubbing away stuck particles and grime gets to you. Paying for a trash can cleaning service helps avoid a disgusting household chore.

Guess What
The Stink Returns

The time, effort or money put into sanitizing & deodorizing bins is wasted when we reuse our containers. Our icky waste gets loose, spreads & starts to stink up the bins again.

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Why Trash Cans Stink?

Bacteria help decompose organic waste and release gases that produce an unpleasant odour. When paper or thin plastic bags used to hold diapers, pet poop & food waste are thrown in or packed under heavy trash, they rip, tear or burst open, & their foul contents mess & stink up your bin.

Garbage trucks picking up residential waste spread the gross stuff all over our containers when they lift and hold them upside down to empty them.

The Solution -BagEZ Trash Bag Holder

  • Solid Steel Frame
  • Max Bag weight 55 lbs / 25 kgs
  • Fits Bags from Size 8-55 gallons
  • Fits 35 – 96 Gallon Trash Cans
  • Set Up Time – Under 1 Minute
  • Available in 3 Sizes
  • Multi-Purpose

BagEZ Trash Can Cleaning Service Equipment In Action

We want bins to look & smell clean, and washing them does not stop them from getting filthy when reused. That changes now.

The BagEZ system maintains & extends your bin’s fresh appearance for months effortlessly without changing how you use your dumpster.

BagEZ A Clean Green Waste Disposal System

Simple, easy and fast, by using our DIY eco-friendly trash can cleaning service equipment and following the BagEZ waste disposal system, you maintain your can’s fresh appearance all year long, use your receptacle to its maximum capacity while keeping the trash you throw free of contamination giving it a higher chance of being recycled and diverted from landfill.

Place In Bin

Hangs off the raised edge circling around the container’s opening

Sort Foul Stuff

Everything that can mess & stink up your bin goes and stays in the bag

Normal Bin Use

Clean bulky garbage like product & juice packages go directly in the bin

Use To Capacity

Seprate nasty and clean trash, keep bins clean & maintains storage space

Free Trash Bags

Free your bag by pulling off the clips, and seal them to lock everything nasty inside. Safely store away BagEZ before putting your bin out for the garbage truck.

BagEZTrash Can Size Guide

35, 65 & 96 gallons are the most used bin sizes. BagEZ small, medium & large provides you with the easiest method to bag & dispose of waste in the most efficient way

Use the bag only for dirty messy waste. This will make it last until the garbage truck comes, and help the recycler sort out clean garbage easily.

Choose your BagEZ

BagEZ Small
Size Inches
10 X 13
Fits bags from
8 gal onwards
Price : $19.99
BagEZ Medium
Size Inches
13 X 13
Fits bags from
9 gal onwards
Price : $24.99
BagEZ Large
Size Inches
16 X 17
Fits bags from
20 gal onwards
Price : $29.99
We Deliver All Over North America

"I will forget to remove BagEZ"

That is close to impossible.
You get a bright 4 X 4-inch sticker
When stuck to the lid of the green bin you cant miss it!

Additional Benefits & Savings

Save Time & Money
Save Money-Products
BagEZ helps cut costs on items needed to maintain your trash cans regularly. Detergents, gloves, brushes and other such products used to protect you from germs during cleanings, and assist you eliminating the grime & filth from bins.
Save Money- Paying A Professional
A bin cleaning service can charge anywhere from $40 upwards for one-off cleaning, excluding the fees for removal of any nasty contents that have caused you to look up a bin cleaner near you. BagEZ helps your sort and confine waste to avoid unwanted bug infestations and extra work. If you’re already using a trash can sanitizing and deodorizing service, BagEZ is the perfect solution to keep your bins clean between washes. Throw in an anti-bacterial and odour-control spray to get your containers looking like a PRO maintains them. Then, use BagEZ to extend the duration between visits or quit the service altogether and save money without compromising hygiene.
Save Time & Effort
Finding time to do things we love is hard, and cleaning a trash can, has never and will never be on anyone’s favourites list. It takes about 15 minutes to clean a trash can. But it often feels like an eternity, especially if the bin is filthy. Sit Back and relax. BagEZ works with the waste collections garbage truck to hand over a clean container to you. It can’t get easier.
Save The Environment
Save Water
You can use up to 100 litres of water washing a single bin at home, while new bin cleaning service equipment, such as those fixed to a garbage can cleaning truck, uses about 4 litres, but Bagez offers an even better solution. Separate and prevent nasty waste from touching your bins, eliminating the need to clean a messy container. But for hygiene reasons, we recommend an occasional light rinse.
Reduce Contamination
Using BagEZ helps stop the dirty water used from washing bins on the driveway or garden from entering and polluting the stormwater drainage system. This water is a mix or organic matter & chemical products.
Extend Landfill Lifespan
A population and consumption increase, along with improper household food waste disposal habits is forcing landfills to reach capacity sooner than expected. According to a UN report, spoiled, expired or uneaten foods occupyvaluable space in landfills and account for 61% of all food waste. An average home produces 74kg of food waste annually. Acquiring new dump sites is difficult and expensive. There often is stiff opposition because of odours and sanitation concerns, to name a few. Hence, reducing food waste entering landfills is crucial.
Reduce Methane Emissions
Recyclers send all waste, mixed with organic matter, to landfill. Buried food waste in landfills decomposes and produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas. About 8% of global emissions come from food waste and contribute to climate change.Using your green bin helps keep food waste out of landfills, & BagEZ makes it effortless. If you have a garbage and recycling dumpster and no green bin, use BagEZ to separate food scraps. The most important part of the process is to ensure your organics get composted or used in a digestor. Communicate with your recycler to ensure your separated waste, is picked out & diverted. Use a different coloured bag to make it easy to sight and pick out at the facility. Composting food scraps reduce methane emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change. It also creates nutrient-rich soil that is used to grow more food. Composting reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers.
Reduce Leachate
Leachate is the liquid that forms when water passes through waste materials in landfills. It contains various contaminants, including heavy metals, organic compounds, and pathogens, and can pose a significant risk to the environment and public health if it enters waterways or groundwater.
Reduce Pests & Bugs
Raccoons, mice, bears and other hungry critters are led by their nose. When seeking a treat, they instinctively go to the waste bin that emits the most smell. A clean container gives off the least odour and is not enticing to pests.
Organic matter in diapers, pet & food waste spread all overother trash, when free & attracts flies which lay eggs that turn into maggots. Your waste is confined to a trash bag & prevented from getting free & mixing with other garbage. The waste inside the bag is easily managed with a few tips, to reduce bugs & larvae from getting to it or crawling out.

A Garbage bin cleaning service vs BagEZ

Choosing between BagEZ and a garbage bin cleaning service boils down to your personal preferences and needs.
Both options provide a unique solution to make your life easier. Professional garbage bin cleaning services offer thorough sanitation, sterilization, and deodorization of dirty trash cans. On the other hand, BagEZ acts as a protective shield, preventing filth and grime from sticking to your cans, making it a quick and easy DIY solution to maintain and improve your bin’s hygiene without breaking the bank.

BagEZ Loves The Outdoors

BagEZ makes outdoor waste management easy. You can use it with any trash bag size and hang it from anything. Nails, hooks, poles, knobs, cabinets even tree branches. Bagez holds your trash bags open and steady for easy waste disposal. Its versatility makes it a handy solution for outdoor waste management when camping, picnicking, tailgating, gardening or picking up street litter.

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Nice for efficiency space.
I actually bought this because I needed a way to manage a trash bag without taking up floor space with a trash can. So far it’s worked great; the “hook” ends fit together on a drawer knob or wall nail, etc.

I suggest a little practice with putting the plastic corner pieces on before trying with a bag so you get a feel for how it clips together. You have to press firmly along the length of each piece so it sits completely on the metal frame.

While I think it’s a bit high priced, there’s nothing else I’ve found that does exactly what I needed.


Good strong grip.”
It holds more weight than a trash bag can


Works Great!
This bag holder is great! The process of attaching the bag is simple and it holds it firm. The only issue we’ve discovered so far, is that in order to open it completely, a slightly large plastic bag is best. Certainly a full size garbage bag would work great!

Richard Wiegand

Recommend it
I recommended it, very smart and simple


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