how to start a garbage can cleaning service business

Start a Garbage Can Cleaning Service: Revolutionize Business with BagEZ

Starting a garbage bin cleaning service business full-time or as a side hustle is brilliant. Waste is a huge problem, and with more people working from home and rules regarding the separation of food waste, trash will get dirty, stink, and need maintenance. 

BagEZ is the perfect tool, as it addresses not only their stinky bin issues but also provides a method for storing and organizing trash indoors and outdoors.

This makes BagEZ the ideal tool for both existing garbage can cleaning business owners and those looking to start full-time or as an extra revenue side job.

For garbage can cleaning service operators, your clients will love it because they don’t have to put up with stinky bins for a couple of weeks until you arrive. It’s also a great way to retain your employees as you make their cleanup effortless and mess-free.

New to the Garbage Can Cleaning Service industry

For newcomers wanting to enter the bin cleaning industry, BagEZ provides a safer, better work environment. You keep trash cans clean without crawling into filthy containers or washing them and getting soaked and covered in germ-filled mist. You keep bins clean from behind a desk or counter.

BagEZ is so easy to use. Unlike infomercial and cheap plastic products, its corrosion-resistant solid steel frame and durable clips are built to last and do precisely what they’re meant to do. It helps prevent garbage cans from getting all yucky, making it an excellent hardware tool to reach your customers to use in their bins and to make starting your business easy while helping fight climate change.

North Americans dispose of over 250 billion tons of trash yearly, and everyone wants waste to be messy and hassle-free.

Operating A Garbage Can Cleaning Service Truck: Pros and Cons

A  truck or trailer with a pressure washer system is costly to provide a garbage can cleaning service. 

Trash Can cleaning Truck Business ProblemsYou spend a fortune, probably financing a depreciating cleaning truck, spend hours on the road crawling into nasty trash cans, and receive rejections from most homeowners who say they would instead wash out their bins themselves than shell out $25 to $40 for a one-time wash or $100- $120 plus for a yearly contract. It makes you wonder why you always find a garbage can cleaning service business for sale.

Don’t get me wrong; every business takes work and dedication, but it’s 2020, and it’s time to work smart. Almost every industry has brought a beating this year. Fast food, travel, cinemas, and restaurants are all struggling. With more people staying & working from home, staying safe generates waste that was typically chucked and taken care of at work or school. This provides an opportunity for a business.

Excellent or lousy waste is a sure thing, and if you can earn money by making waste management easy for people while staying home & safe, why not?

How does BagEZ Differ from a Truck & Trailer Equipment System?

BagEZ can provide you an income without huge investment overheads gagging while handling a stinking bin or stressing about putting up your trash bin cleaner for sale if the business is not as expected.

Everyone’s green bin gets disgusting, and regular wheelie bin cleaning soon becomes a senseless, painful chore. Rotting food waste, stinking garbage juice, flies, and maggots are just a few problems. People get tired of frequently washing out a stinky bin and look for solutions. A permanent, cost-effective solution is the first thing they seek as a container cleaner service. In truth, even after they get a cleaning service, they are still looking for a solution; it’s in our nature.

The present crisis has shifted the work culture into the home. You are giving more people time to do chores. You provide the best cost-effective DIY solution to your clients. Our programs are aimed at making you succeed. Here are a few advantages of BagEZ Vvs. Traditional garbage can clean services for you to consider.

What does running a trash can cleaning business take

Garbage can Cleaning service truck/pressure washing machine  

  1. work truck or van investment (3500K-135K)USED / NEW
  2. Competition 
  3. Website, flyers, bin tags, etc.
  4. Vehicle operating & maintenance cost
  5. local licensing or zoning laws cost
  6. safe transportation & disposal of contaminated water costs.
  7. Personal safety protection equipment ( gloves, masks, safety shoes)
  8. The act of cleaning itself (odors, maggots, rotting waste & thick gunk)
  9. Employee/Staffing & training expenses( If applicable & expanding)
  10. Essential supplies (brushes, cleanser, disinfectant & degreaser solutions)
  11. Safe storage of chemicals 
  12. Waste Water Management
  13. EPA regulations 
  14. Seasonal depending on location.

As you see, there are a lot more requirements. Government regulations may increase, as transporting unhygienic materials full of harmful germs is the last thing people want to consider today. However, they are essential to assess if going with a traditional garbage truck and trailer cleaning business is the best option.

Yes, a garbage can cleaning truck allows you to provide extra services, such as pressure washing. You could still offer that service, but with a specialized rig, it’s not a considerable investment.

But with thousands offering a similar service and work being hard to find, competition may be fierce.

More Value & Convenience Than a Garbage Can Cleaning Service

BagEZ has reinvented the garbage can cleaning service industry by changing how bins are maintained, helping divert food waste from landfills, and addressing your customers’ daily waste management needs while lowering their maintenance costs. 

A garbage cleaning truck can provide multiple services, such as driveway, window, and other power washing and cleaning options, as well as BagEZ Trash Bag Holders.

To learn more about how BagEZ helps make managing daily waste easy for you, not just in the home but just about anywhere you go, Click Here.

multi use trash garbage bag holder

BagEZ Easy Indoor & Outdoor Waste Management

  1. Trash or garbage can bag holder.
  2. Plastic bag holder for leaf collection
  3. Trash bag holder for parties & events.
  4. Garbage bag stand (turn bags into wastebaskets)
  5. Garage trash storage & organization (Hang Garbage Bags)
  6. Camping trash bag holder
  7. DIY bear proofing 
  8. Boat, Kayak, or pontoon waste bag holder.
  9. Scuba dive bag for spearfishing, lobster, or ocean trash cleanup.
  10. DIY recycle clothes beach, shopping or grocery bag
  11. Litter/trash pickup trash bag holder ( handheld, shoulder strapped, or clipped to waist)
  12. A kitchen cabinet, drawer & countertop waste catcher
  13. under the sink, a trash bag holder
  14. Bed, bathroom, office, arts & crafts waste catcher.
  15. garden clippings catcher
  16. DIY up-cycling grocery bag holder.

And many more handy uses. Check out our Amazon Store. Here, you can see the various ways you approach your buyers. Becoming a BagEZ vendor allows you to provide value to your customers beyond just a garbage can cleaning service and provide them with a real solution that works.

BagEZ Vendor Benefits

BagEZ works for both existing garbage can cleaning services, especially for newcomers.

  1. Turning inventory investment 
  2. Your customer can be anywhere.
  3. Sell from your home or garage
  4. Get commissions from Affiliations & by providing Leads.
  5. Additional revenue -Sell to your local stores.
  6. No government licenses & EPA regulations hassles
  7. Exclusivity viable
  8. Garbage can cleaning service franchise
  9. Crossover niche product 
  10. We help you grow

How To Grow A Garbage Can Cleaning Service With BagEZ

When you are a BagEZ merchant, your customer can be making an online search for a” garbage cleaning service near me,” but they can be 1000 miles away. All you do is post and solve their problem. Your clients are anyone who uses a plastic grocery or trash bag or people shifting to a greener lifestyle to provide you with unlimited growth potential. The garbage can cleaning business profit can range from a few thousand to 150K plus, depending on the work and sales tactics used; we are happy to discuss more over a call.

They range from individual customers, janitorial services, event organizers, HOAs, RV HOAs, outdoor enthusiasts, beach and community cleanup groups, and restaurants, to name a few. They could be your customers if they generate, pick up, or look to sort and manage trash. 

For example, real estate agents in Toronto present BagEZ as a novelty housewarming gift for new homeowners.

This is your business! You own it, run it, and can earn a healthy living. We can provide guidance and expertise to help you achieve this, and we are just a phone call away. We want to support you grow.

Call or contact us today for more information & details.

I’d love to answer any questions you may have, 

but before you do, ask yourself. Is This for You?

  1. Are you an entrepreneur?
  2. You are an independent thinker and a problem solver. 
  3. Do you run or believe you could successfully run a business? 
  4. Are you interested in helping the environment?
  5. Does your current job provide you with no opportunity for growth?
  6. Your position could be outsourced. 
  7. Are you stressed with job & income insecurity? 
  8. Are You waiting for the right opportunity to make unlimited income?
  9. You prefer unique businesses & ideas to prevent competition. 
  10. Are you tired of doing small, odd jobs that take you away from spending quality time with your family and friends?
  11. Are you aware that running a business is hard & there’s a financial risk
  12. Do you have the time between personal and professional commitments to pursue your business opportunity?

If your response has been positive, 

Joining The BagEZ Diy Garbage Can Cleaning Service Group. 

  1. How to Market Your Business – General Principles
  2. How to deploy targeted Marketing Strategies 
  3. Learn Proven Business Advertising Methods
  4. Tracking and Measuring Advertising Response
  5. Daily Business operation tips.

Ready To Start?

Are you a potential Garbage Can Cleaning Service business owner, or are you still unsure?

If yes to the unsure, that’s great. It means you are a cautious decision-maker, which is a great skill. It keeps you seeking alternatives to control expenses and make wise business decisions. 

are you an entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur has had sleepless nights. This fear also pushes us towards success in providing for our family.

With the traditional garbage can cleaning service & dumpster cleaning business, you and your employees should not be afraid of not afraid of getting dirty and crawling into stinky bins full of bacteria and harmful germs to do a cleanup.

With BagEZ, you provide value and quality at a better rate while keeping your customers’ bins sparking every time, in any season. 

Your time is worth money. Traveling to & the gas consumed, carrying a heavy tank truck full of water, back and forth cleaning bins, the cost of deodorizing products, and bin stickers to inform your client that the container is washed. It is often never enough; there will always be a few customers that may spoil your day because something was missed.

And all of that for a few bucks That you could get with a simple ad from your home.

Eliminating the pain of washing trash cans and green bins is a highly profitable and in-demand service.

Call or email us, and start solving your customer’s Garbage Can Cleaning Service woes from home while creating a business.

How to start a garbage can cleaning service business?


If Your idea of a garbage can cleaning service business is Purchasing a costly truck or trailer and adapting it to fit a modular Wash Bay and Bin Lifter & driving around, cleaning filthy bins. BagEZ provides you with a fantastic alternative, without huge overheads

How to start garbage can cleaning business?

Decide if you want to start and be a garbage can cleaner, or a seller of products that keep bins clean. If your aim is making a good living or creating a side hustle, the garbage can cleaning service truck has additional EPA & local certifications that must be procured; these additional costs take time & increase your cost. BagEZ is the perfect option for getting into the industry, earning equal to, if not more. Without doing the dirty work.

<> How much does it cost to start a garbage can cleaning service business?

Are you looking for new or used? A truck & bin lift system begins from around $3500 to $160k.This depends on the condition and systems incorporated, along with the cost for software and other required items, or become a BagEZ merchant & start with a few 1000’s

How to start a trash bin cleaning business

Bgaez bag holder

Know if you’re looking to be a trash bin cleaner or a seller of products that keep bins clean. A garbage can cleaning service truck has additional EPA & local certifications and requirements; these take time & increase your cost. BagEZ is the perfect option for getting into the industry, earning equal to if not more, and without doing the dirty work.

Used trash bin cleaning equipment for sale

Deodorize your garbage bin

So your thinking of getting into the bin cleaning industry. A used truck makes sense to keep your overhead cost low, but you could also run into problems if a warranty does not cover it. The critical question is, why the equipment is for sale? Did the business fail? Are you stepping into a company with no takers, and your rig depreciates? BagEZ provides you with an excellent opportunity to give DIY clean bins service but without the nasty work involved


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