How To Make Trash Can Cleaning Super Easy

Trash_Can_Cleaning_Service_to_prevent_stinky_binsHot weather turns bins into a stinking box of harmful bacteria, viruses, and deadly pathogens.  The rotting smell from reeking cans, flies, and maggots makes us gag. Filthy bins attract critters like raccoons and mice, which often cause additional problems.  A good trash can cleaning is what is needed.

Separating food waste is hard. Putrid matter wrapped in single-use plastic shopping bags leak, and dirty up the bins. Using a hose or pressure wash is often not enough to remove stubborn dirt properly. Use and exposure to cleaning products from runoff water dumped on the grass or walkways contaminate stormwater and stinks up the area. Hiring a bin cleaning service to keep containers clean, can be expensive, as it’s someone’s time we are paying for. Washing residential curbside trash cans is a disgusting revolting chore, that BagEZ bag holders help you avoid.


Making Garbage Bags Work Better Is The Solution!

How_to_make_garbage_bags_fit_Trash_cans_And_avoid_Trash_can_cleaningGarbage bags, bin liners or trash bags, whatever you call them ‘work.’ They help keep your bins clean and prevent messy trash can cleaning. That’s why we all use them.

Trash can cleaning can be old news, keeping bins clean would be so easy if every day in-store regular garbage bags could stretch and fit over the large opening of our trash cans, but that’s impossible. They would RIP!

When buying trash bags, who has not looked for bags that will fit our bins. Available large oversized bags, often exceed residential bag limits, are hard to find and expensive. They also use more unwanted plastic



BagEZ trash can bag holders


BagEZ an Effortless Trash Can Cleaning Solution!

Always start with a fresh can and use quality bags for the best results.

Setting up Bagez is quick, simple, and effortless. You can do it in 3 easy steps.3_simple_steps_how_to_make_trash_bags_fit_garbage_can

  • Unfold your frame and hang the handles on the raised edges of your open container.
  • Insert your bag through the center and, pull the edges over the frame. Ensure adequate overhanging material to avoid bag slippage.
  • Firmly attach your fasteners by pressing down one side at a time, until all four corners are secure.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

You are now ready to throw your trash away.

BagEZ firmly secures clipped on bags up to 55lb (25kg)

Using low-density (LDPE) garbage bags is a better option, as they stretch and resistant to tears and puncture.

There is a BagEZ holder that fits your bins. Use compostable, biodegradable, clear or any plastic bag.

See How BagEZ Works From the inside (click here for video)

internal_trash_can_view_BagEZ_holding_garbage_bag_food_pet_waste_diapersConveniently secure and use any bag as a bin liner. Keep discarded diapers, food & Pet Waste, garbage juice,  and everything yucky and gross contained and off the walls and floor of your curbside Wheelie bin.

8-13 Gallon Compostable Bin Liners can perfectly hold a family’s weekly spoiled and leftover food waste. Suspending biodegradable bags avoids moisture buildup, a common sight in the small kitchen counter bins.

If temperatures rise adding a sprinkle of baking soda helps to prevent maggots. Neem is another cost-effective option that provides a higher quality fertilizer.

Every time your garbage truck pickup happens you are left with a clean garbage can. It’s that simple.




Lift, Drop & Shut. That’s is your routine till your bag reaches capacity. Replacing bags is super easy.

  1. Pull off the four fasteners, one side at a time.
  2. Let your bag drop, and seal it.
  3. Add new bags as needed until your bin is full.

Always Check for & remove your Bagez bag holder before taking your bin to the curb


Available in 3 Sizes– To fit Any Trash can & Bag or Function ( BagEZ Size Chart)

  • 3 sizes Small, Medium, Large.
  • Match size with your bag size range & garbage can size.
  • 3 sizes to suit needs: Trash cans + kitchen sink + picnic table + Leaf Collection + Party Event Waste Bag Holder

Tips To Keep Trash Can Cleaning To The Minimum

When using BagEZ everything nasty stays in your bag, till collected, leaving you with a clean bin. We want to make managing waste so easy and issue-free for you, so here are a few tips.

Place a few papers in your bin

When using new untested trash bags, placing a few papers in the bin will absorb any liquids that may leak if the bag fails and save you from having to completely wash out your bin.

Always keeping a few newspapers in your bin before using BagEZ, is a good preventative idea. Paper absorbs liquids that may leak if your bag happened to get ripped or punctured accidentally.  Always check your bins to see if any leaks or accidents happened after trash collection. If you notice regular leaks upgrade too or use a better quality bag

Remember Bagez can firmly secure bags up to 55 lbs / 25kgs, so using a good bag will provide you with the best results.

 We recommend Using Drawstrings bags

BagEZ with all kinds of bags, flap ties, handles ties, even laundry and mesh bags. For trash cans, we have found drawstring trash bags to be the most convenient. After releasing your full bag pulling on the drawstring seals the bag quickly. Tying up the bag is easy with the lest time spent with you reaching over, into the bin to seal it shut.

Use a trash can lid band or strap

Raccoons, squirrels and other pests can often be found in or trying to get into your bin. If your bin has a lock, Great! If not getting a trash can band is a good option to keep critters out.

Complimentary products we recommend to keep your bins smelling fresh

Bagez, used in combination with odour and pest eliminating products, provides added control and peace of mind.  There are numerous products that can be stuck or hung in your bin that help mask odours. Sprays that keep pests away and reduce flies are also available. Trash can flycatchers that can be installed in your bin are available.

“Contact us with your issue we can help provide a solution.”

Additional Benefits Of Bagez

  1. Approximately 100 litres of water gets wasted, washing out bins and spraying clean driveways and lawns of the nasty stuff in your containers. That dirty water is toxic and frequently gets into the drainage system and contaminates stormwater. It is against most council bylaws.
  2. Prevent pests attracted to dirty bins, which can become a nuisance.
  3. Prevent flies and maggots from crawling all over, and making for a horrible cleanup
  4. Avoid injury or bag split accidents by lifting heavy bags from container to container.
  5. Declutter your garage, eliminate additional space occupying bins.
  6. Save money by using everyday garbage bags, and not wasting water on trash can cleaning. Household detergents and other products no longer required are products you can save money on too.
  7. Save time avoiding washing nasty stinky bins, a painful stomach-turning chore.
  8. Cloth totes circulated are a hazard because they need frequent washing as bacteria and microorganisms flourish in them. Few States have restricted their use, to control the spread of Covid 19. (Coronavirus) 
  9. Single-use plastic bags commonly identified as shopping, grocery or checkout bags, are anywhere between 5 to 10 cents a bag and rising. Being very thin, they often leak, requiring double bagging, are limited in size and are being banned. The average household disposes of about 3 to 5 bags per week if not more. Trash bags hold more waste in volume, cost way less, and are great at holding trash and keeping bins clean
  10. Divert organic matter and uncontaminated recyclable material from landfills or incineration.

What non-plastic products/services help keep bins clean?

Paper and environmentally friendly bags are used to replace plastic bags, mostly in the organic stream. Most paper bags don’t hold up, and continuous use gets costly.

Everyday Bio-degradable and compostable bags don’t fit large bins, the large sizes are expensive and use extra material. Oversized bags, also prevent lids from properly shutting and can rip, tear or restrict locking mechanisms, and again just add extra plastic to the waste stream.

Trash Can Cleaning Services In North America

They drive to your home and sanitize your bin in modified trucks. It’s not an expensive service, but they do not operate year-round, and we still generate trash in winter. Additionally, you would still be buying garbage bags, and most trash can cleaning services, suggest you use a bag, it’s easier for them too to maintain a bin, than performing longer one-off jobs.




BagEZ Makes Trash Can Cleaning & Breaking Bad Habits Easy

Cost and convenience will always factor in when trying to go green. Paper bags are expensive and most of us find it crazy to spend good money on certain products long term. So we revert to what we know works.

Plastic bags, more specifically single-use grocery or checkout bags. But they are getting more costly, consistently fail at doing the job effectively, and have caused irreversible environmental damage. They also jam separating machines at material recovery facilities.

Garbage bags on the other are thicker, easier to capture, clean and even recycle. They are also a cheaper option when considering the volume of waste they hold, compared to 5 cent shopping bags. And Now Using them directly in your bins is a breeze.

Clean_trash_can_Cleaning_service_happy_customerBagez provides you peace of mind, a more hygienic and greener way of separating your trash.

We hope Bagez gives you years of service. Additionally, there are substantial environmental benefits that you can find in our FAQ section.

Why wait, try BagEZ and make managing waste super easy.




How Do I Clean My Trash Bin?

How to make your bin liners fit?

The traditional way of keeping your stinky trash cans clean and fresh involves disgusting time-consuming work. BagEZ bag holder makes it super simple. Use any size bin liner in your large out-door trash cans and get a clean bin every time.

How Do I Make My Trash Cans Not Smell?

How to use bin liners to keep your bin clean

Garbage juice and rotting food waste stink up bins. Bin liners keep all putrid matter contained. BagEZ holders make garbage bags from 8 gallons onwards fit your out-door garbage recycling and green bins. Get your bins clean and fresh without frequent washes, saving you time and money.

How Do You Clean A Smelly Garbage Can?

Trash Can Cleaning Accessories

There's the old way to keep your smelly trash cans clean that is a painful chore that takes up your time. BagEZ bag holder makes it easy to use any size bin liner in large out-door trash cans. Now maintaining and keeping your bins clean is effortless!

How Often Should You Clean Your Garbage Can?

Clean Your Garbage Can

Maintaining a clean bin is easier than washing out a bin, which has got stubborn gunk all over its walls. Cleaning this liquid often takes a fair bit of work. Using a bin liner prevents any build-up of any waste. Every day in-store bin liners or garbage bags are too small to fit large out-door garbage cans. BagEZ bag holder fits any bag and makes maintaining and keeping garbage cans clean, quick and easy every time.

How Often Should You Clean Your Trash Can?

Clean Your Trash Can

Maintaining a clean bin is easier than washing out a bin, which has got stubborn gunk all over its walls. Cleaning this liquid often takes a fair bit of work. Using a bin liner prevents any build-up of any waste. Every day in-store bin liners or trash bags are too small to fit large out-door trash cans. BagEZ bag holder fits any bag and makes maintaining and keeping trash cans clean, quick and easy every time.

How Do You Clean A Green Garbage Bin?

Clean A Green Garbage Bin

The green bins can get stinky and gross fast. The summer makes the situation worse. The old way of keeping your bin clean and fresh involves disgusting time-consuming work. BagEZ bag holder makes it super simple. Use any size bin liner in your large out-door trash cans and get a clean bin every time.

How Do You Deodorize Your Garbage Bin?

Deodorize Your Garbage Bin

The green bins can get stinky and gross fast. The summer makes the situation worse. The old way of keeping your bin clean and fresh involves disgusting time-consuming work. BagEZ bag holder makes it super simple. Use any size bin liner in your large out-door trash cans and get a clean bin every time. Use with odour control products to have a stink and hassle-free waste management system.

Should You Clean Your Trash Can?

Deodorize Your Garbage Bin

➤ Trash cans are nastiest items in your home. Dirty containers can pose a health risk to your household. It's often what you can't see that can hurt you. Diapers, food & pet waste sitting in a bin, especially in summer, can quickly turn real disgusting. Washing cans can be a painful chore, especially if maggots are involved.
➤ The sight and smell is often an indicator that your bin requires cleaning.
➤ Putrid odors can attract pests like rats and raccoons, that carry diseases. Dirty trash cans can contain dangerous bacteria such as Salmonella, E. Coli, Listeria.
➤ Try BagEZ garbage bag holders, fit any bin liner keep your bins clean and waste contained. Save yourself from disgusting work.

How To Keep Flies Away From Trash Cans?

Deodorize Your Garbage Bin

➤ Keep the lid of your trash can trash bin covered. Add vinegar and/or salt around the bin's rim to help repel flies. Spray vinegar regularly inside the trash bin to masks and control odors that can attract flies.
➤ If you reside in hot temperature zones, like Florida and Las Vegas, setting up a flycatcher around your bin is also a good idea.

➤ Flycatchers for trash can lids are available on amazon. For stronger commercial solutions, try fly, and pest repellant sprays are available in stores and online.

Should You Keep Trash Cans In The Garage?

Deodorize Your Garbage Bin

➤ People favor keeping garbage cans inside the garage to deter & prevent critters and animals from getting into them and causing quite a mess.
➤ Another reason in curbside appeal. Who wants to see or smell a trash can.
➤ While the garage does offer some protection from larger critters, mice and rats can easily get into garages, in search of food. ➤ These pests can cause thousands of dollars in damage and a health hazard if they get into the walls and your indoor garbage pails.
➤ Once summer hits and the temperatures rise, so does the smell.
➤ Keeping your bins clean, prevents odors, deters pests, and improves home hygiene. Try BagEZ bag holders, to make trash bags fit, keep bins clean, and avoid bad odors caused by waste matter stuck to your container walls.

How Do You Make A Trash Can Enclosure?

Deodorize Your Garbage Bin

➤ Trash can enclosures can be a great weekend project that provides long term benefits. If your stinky trash can regularly attract pests that cause a mess, a bin enclosure is an excellent way of preventing that problem.
➤ You do need to be a bit of a DIY person at heart and have some tools handy, as it does require some work and measurements. ➤ There are some great examples of trash can enclosers available along with blueprints online—these range from single to 2 bin enclosers models, with lid lifting systems.
➤ Or you can save time and buy a prefabricated trash can enclosure. These readymade enclosures are great as they offer a variety of designs, colors, and advantages, and are pretty durable.

➤ If pest are the primary reason for considering an enclosure, keeping your bins clean, avoids grime and garbage juice build up that emits odors that attract pests. Try BagEZ bag holders to eliminate the pain of washing stinky trash cans. Fit any bag, and keep everything messy contained.

What Are Your Trash Can Storage Options?

Deodorize Your Garbage Bin

➤ Most towns and cities have laws that prohibit bins from being stored on the street. People use their garage, side yard between houses, or back yard. They are a common sight.
Garage Storage:
➤ Trash Cans stored in garages occupy space, in already cramped garages, can cause a stink, and attract pests like rats and mice seeking food and shelter. Pest control services recommend not storing bins in garages.
Backyard Storage:
➤ Backyards are family playgrounds, and not wanting to expose children to the dirty trash cans, the backyard storage of trash cans is not so commonplace.
Side Yard Storage:
➤ Side Yard storage is more common, as it hides trash cans from view, and increases home curb appeal.
Trash Can Enclosures:
Bin enclosers are a great way to hide bins from view and prevent nuisance pests. They are a stylish option to keep bins out of sight.

➤ Hanging bin deodorizers pouches masks rotting odors both indoor or outdoor. Regular trash can cleaning prevents making your trash can a stink pit. BagEZ Bag Holders make it easy to keep your trash cans clean, Fit and use any size bin liner in your outdoor wheelie bins.