BagEZ Your Diy Trash can Cleaning service

Are you tired of your trash cans getting dirty, stinking up, and reverting to their unhygienic conditions? Despite washing or having them professionally sanitized and deodorized despite numerous times? BagEZ acts as your personal trash can cleaning service. Bid farewell to the unpleasant cleaning methods. Discover a revolutionary approach to maintaining a clean, fresh-smelling trash can that redefines convenience and cleanliness.

Odor Bug and Mess Prevention 

Trash cans quickly become a germ pit for bacteria, viruses, and foul odors, especially in hot weather. The lingering stench and the sight of flies and maggots can make maintaining your bins daunting. This is where BagEZ steps in, offering you an effortless solution to tackle this issue and more.

Thrash Bin Cleaning Services

Experience the BagEZ Difference

BagEZ eliminates the need for trash can cleaning. With less than a minute of effortless care per week, you can stop filth, grime, and odors from sticking to your bin. BagEZ allows you to use any type or size of trash bag that fits your requirements.

How to use BagEZ

➡️You can set it up in three simple steps.

All you do is pull your bag through and over the BagEZ frame. 

When done, Press the four clips to lock the bag to BagEZ.

Use the arms and the raised edges of your trash can to hang BagEZ in your container. And that’s it, the bag is ready to use.

How BagEZ works?

Throw everything nasty that can mess up your bin, like dirty diapers, pet waste, and food waste, into the bag held open by BagEZ.  Using this unique method, BagEZ prevents yucky waste from messing up and stinking up your bin. Where and how do I throw regular garbage? Clean trash, like product packaging, empty containers, broken tools, toys, and items classified as garbage, directly into the bin through the free space between BagEZ and your bin.

Put your trash can out for the garbage truck when it’s time.

Pull off the clips to release the bag, and seal the bag to keep everything nasty inside. Put BagEZ away, and place your bin curbside.

When your waste is collected, you are left with a clean can sitting on your driveaway

How to Sanitize a Trash Can?

We recommend sanitizing and deodorizing your bin with your favorite over-the-counter anti-bacterial spray to kill germs and eliminate odors. Spray the insides and lid, and follow the instructions before clipping on a new bag and putting BagEZ back to work protecting your bin. Or pay a trash can cleaning service to do it. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional cleaning methods and embrace a more eco-friendly, cost-effective solution.

A Simple & Efficient Trash Can Cleaning Service 

Maintaining a trash can is essential for a healthy living environment. BagEZ offers a Diy trash can cleaning service, an effortless and efficient approach. Imagine no more messy cleanups or dealing with dirty, odorous bins.

➡️BagEZ Specs

BagEZ is made of solid Steel. It can securely hold heavy bags up to 55 lbs (25kg). It is available in 3 sizes. They fit in bins with 24- 96 gallons capacity, making them a versatile choice for any household or business. It’s compatible with various bag types, from compostable to biodegradable to plastic trash bags. But you get a whole lot more, too.

Embracing Eco-Friendly Practices

As we strive to be more environmentally conscious, using BagEZ aligns with sustainable practices. Using BagEZ saves water by not needing it to clean your bin. You don’t need chemicals to remove filth and odors. When I used a trash can cleaning service near me, I realized that heavy garbage can sanitizing machines also carry hundreds of liters of water, and moving around all this weight produces a lot of emissions, along with having to use water, a valuable resource, and ensure its safe disposal after cleaning. When using BagEZ, you have no emissions, water use, or pollution concerns.

Pests and Trash Cans: The Connection

Pests are led by their noses, and a clean bin is not enticing. Keeping pests away naturally without any deterrent that can trouble or harm pets, wildlife, and neighbors is another benefit of using BagEZ. This eco-friendly approach helps divert organic matter and recyclables from landfills, contributing to a greener planet.

BagEZ vs Traditional Bin Cleaning Services

 A Comparison Cleaning a nasty bin is only for some. Google is full of local searches for residential trash can cleaning services near me. You may have searched yourself. And after they are done, the most common question is, how do I keep them clean? They prefer to avoid talking about BagEZ because their business model works when your bins get dirty. And they want to keep you from knowing about a service that does what they do for about $12-$15 per year, as it will surely hurt their bottom line. So, let’s do a comparison.

Comparison of BagEZ and Traditional Trash Can Cleaning Services

Method of Waste Management:


It uses a frame and bags to prevent waste from directly touching the bin. Allows homeowners to use any size or type of bag for containment & anti-bacterial sanitizer & deodorizer. Traditional Trash Can Cleaning: Involves high-pressure cleaning with water and sometimes chemicals to clean and sanitize bins.



Offers a cost-effective reusable solution with a one-time investment in the BagEZ frame. ($19.99-$29.99) Homeowners can use standard trash bags, which are inexpensive. (10-15 cents per bag) The yearly cost to maintain trash cans-$10-$15 per bin 

➡️Traditional Trash Can Cleaning service:

Typically, a one-time cleaning costs between $50 to $65. Monthly subscriptions range from $10 to $25 for a single monthly wash, with additional fees for extra bins. Yearly cost $280-$500 plus Environmental Impact:

✅ convenience:


BagEZ significantly reduces water consumption compared to traditional bin cleaning methods. It promotes an eco-friendly, no-chemical approach. Commercial garbage Can Cleaning Service: Water and chemicals can contribute to water pollution. BagEZ offers a hassle-free way to maintain a clean bin with minimal effort. It allows homeowners to use any readily available trash bags.

➡️Traditional Trash Can Cleaning services: Time Schedule

Requires scheduling and regular visits from a cleaning service. Odor and Pest Control:


Controls & prevents filth odors and deters pests by keeping bins clean and waste contained 24/7.

➡️Traditional Trash Can Cleaning Service:

The results were short-lived, as containers got dirty when used. No solution to prevent or control mess and odors is provided.

✅Collection Efficiency:


Enables efficient organic waste separation into appropriate bags, aiding organics collection and diversion. Commercial Trash Can Cleaning Service: Focuses on cleaning the bin. Does not improve collection efficiency.

Questions about BagEZ & a residential trash can cleaning service

Are there any other cleaning products to keep my trash cans clean?

BagEZ simplifies bin cleaning, so You don’t need to fill up your garage cupboard with bin-cleaning products & and items. A reliable quality trash bag is all you need, no scrubs, brushes, or power washers. BagEZ is an all-in-one solution, saving you time, money,

and cupboard space.”The only product we recommend that helps keep pests away is an anti-bacterial spray to kill lingering germs & odors in your bin before putting BagEZ back to work, keeping it clean and protecting it from filth. Mint-scented bags, as raccoons and critters don’t like mint and a flycatcher.

Are trash can cleaning companies insured and licensed for damage to property or vehicles?

Yes, most large businesses do. When using any service, it’s wise to be concerned about your and the neighborhood’s safety. Trash-cleaning trucks are big, heavy, and dangerous when rolling through your community. Large trucks with limited visibility can always be hazardous, especially to kids, pedestrians, and parked cars. Plus, those mechanical arms? They’re only sometimes gentle with the bins. Prioritize safety and convenience with BagEZ. With BagEZ’s simple system that stays in the container, your surroundings cannot be dangerous.

What’s the recommended frequency for scheduling trash can cleaning service?

If you use a trash can cleaning service, figuring out a maintenance schedule depends on a few factors. The most important factor is your city waste collection pickup. If there are any delays, It throws off your bin cleaning schedule as he depends on the city to empty your bin. With BagEZ, you have a clean container on your driveway whenever the garbage is collected. With BagEZ, you don’t have to consider recommended monthly cleanups, holidays, dirty diapers, pets & food waste. Your city garbage truck cleans out the filth while BagEZ protects your bins. Simple, easy, efficient.

Does a trash can cleaning service promise quality or guarantees?’

Some cleaning services offer only the assurance of covering any damage to your container and guaranteeing a thoroughly cleaned bin free from dirt. However, the extent of these assurances Stops there. As soon as you reuse your bin, it will get dirty. But if by guarantee you mean to extend the time your trash can stays Clean,

Then BagEZ alone provides you with a clean bin continuously. BagEZ ensures your trash stays within a bag, preventing the mess from touching the container. It’s a simple, effective solution to keep your bin clean and fresh, promising a clean bin whenever needed. No more wondering about the quality of cleaning services, just peace of mind with BagEZ.

Does a trash can cleaning service offer discounts or loyalty promotions for regular users?

“Indeed, some services offer loyalty programs, but why settle for a few dollars off or a free wash when your cleaning subscription costs you at least 200 dollars annually? Using BagEZ, you keep your bin clean 24/7 for less than a small cup of coffee for the entire month. If you heard me correctly, yes, with BagEZ, you can maintain your bins with prices from the 50s. Let’s do some quick maths. Garbage bags cost 10 to 25 cents. If you use one bag a week, you spend 13 dollars a year with BagEZ, vs. 200 at a minimum, using a bin cleaning service. No bin cleaning service in North America can offer you a loyalty discount to beat that price. So, Come on, join the BagEZ family, make the smart choice, and keep those bins sparkling.

What is the policy for cancellations or rescheduling with the trash can cleaning service?

BagEZ is durable and made to last for years, with a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy. Navigating a trash can cleaning service policy can be a hassle. Many benefits have stringent cancellation and rescheduling policies, making adapting to changing needs challenging. Some companies do not offer a ‘trial’ of their trash can cleaning service.

We may charge you the difference between the monthly and one-time clean price if you cancel during a contract. Most homeowners opt for a one-time clean, as they do not see the need to invest 200 dollars plus annually for a bin they have not considered for years. And with BagEZ providing the same service between $10 to $15 annually, it’s a clear winner. If a company is unable or misses your monthly trash can cleaning service due to a fault, you will be credited for the next month’s service.

Will the Cleaner knock on my door if my bins are not out?

Some cleaners on request may collect your bin in your backyard, but not all, so it’s best to ask. It’s common to get hit with a rescheduling charge if you need to remember to keep your bin out and they cannot access your property to collect your waste containers.

How do you maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the trash cans after cleaning them?

Ensuring ongoing cleanliness and hygiene for your trash cans post-cleaning is fundamental. With BagEZ, we’ve made it effortless. BagEZ keeps your bin pristine by providing a barrier between the waste and your can. Place any regular trash bag inside the BagEZ frame, ensuring the can remains untouched. At waste collection, the bag containing all the unwanted waste is whisked away, leaving your bin fresh and clean, ready for whatever comes next.”. It’s that simple. BagEZ: where cleanliness meets convenience

How does BagEZ help to prevent maggots in your trash cans?

BagEZ provides a convenient and hygienic way to secure a trash bag that contributes to preventing maggots in the following ways:

Efficient Bag Closure:

BagEZ helps reduce maggots from breeding in your trash can by securely isolating messy waste and preventing it and foul liquids from stinking up your trash can. A closed bin lid and a clean bin minimize odors and potential attractants that fly, which cause maggots.

Prompt Disposal:

The BagEZ quick bag release feature lets you free a whole bag in seconds when needed. Clean Trash Bin Walls: The bag is held securely and does not sag or tear, so it helps keep the bin walls clean. Clean bin walls deter maggots from finding a suitable breeding ground.

Efficient Cleaning Process:

BagEZ allows easy removal and cleaning of the bag, preventing any residue accumulation. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of attracting maggots.

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