Trash And Litter Pickup Plastic Bag Holder

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Plastic Bag Holder For Trash & Litter Pickup Perfect Reacher Grabber Accessory

BagEZ plastic bag holder, for trash & litter pickup, is a perfect reacher grabber accessory, but let’s begin with a few FYI’s.

Why Do We Pick Up Trash & Litter?

Trash & Litter Picking is hugely rewarding. Keeping our beaches shorelines canals and green zones free of trash is vital. Trash can in the shape of plastic or glass bottles, food wrapping & boxes, plastic grocery bags, and just about any item discarded anywhere but a bin. Litter can pose a danger to children, but ever since the pandemic, personal protective equipment PPE like gloves and facemask, which is meant to save lives now pose a risk. It is essential to bag, this trash.

Who Is Involved in this Effort?

Governments, volunteers, and companies are doing their best,

to curb the problem through cleanup drives.

The fight to curb litter pollution is an ongoing battle. 

Is Litter Picking Tiring?

Rewarding as it is, picking up trash & litter can be tiring, heat, and lifting of bags as they get heavier when filled with trash effects everyone

 It’s easy to start off with a light bag in your hand, but as the weight increases, so does the effort needed to lift carry and move bags around. Rehydrating, taking regular breaks and covering up correctly to avoid the sun only goes so far. The most substantial toll is the carrying of heavy bags in your hand, and often complain the next day about arm fatigue. 

How To make litter and trash collection easy?

BagEZ is designed to hold heavy bags securely, wide open to make putting trash in the bag easy. litter trash pick up sheet spec amazon BagEZStrong winds or breeze make holding a bag open difficult, and adds a few extra seconds of frustration to an easy job. 

Often a companion helps out by holding the bag open, but this is not a practical solution. Every available extra hand can speed up the process of getting rid of litter.

BagEZ attaches easily to your waist belt or any shoulder strap to keep your hands free for litter & trash pick up. 

You can use carabineers, or any clip to fix BagEZ to waist belts or belt loops. You Can use just about any DIY strap too.

BagEZ carry handles make lifting heavy bags easy. The handles are designed to rest comfortably in the palm of your hand, or you can pass a rod or stick through, to make it easy to carry over the shoulder. Always share the weight use the buddy system to avoid injury lifting heavy bags. 

BagEZ is available in 3 sizes.  See The Video Here.

What size of BagEZ works best for trash & litter Pick up?

The medium is a favorite because most people use it with 13-gallon bags when outside, picking trash. 13-gallon trash bags are the most used bag size in North America, as they have various applications. 

The medium fits bags from 9 gallons onward and offers a large 18-inch wide opening that makes bagging trash effortless. The medium size has longer extending arms that make it easier for 2 people to move without brushing up against the bag. But some prefer other sizes for personal reasons, as it adjusts best for them.

Will BagEZ Be Up To The Job? Is it Durable?

Made of Steel & built to last, BagEZ is exceptionally Durable. It is difficult to bend or warp without using major force. It is also powder-coated, making is corrosion and scratch-resistant. This makes it possible that it can be used just about any environment. BagEZ frame and clips a redesigned to not cut or damage bags or users, so all edges are rounded and smoothed out.

BagEZ to hold up to 55 Lbs (25 Kgs). Always use a quality bag that can hold heavy loads, if you will be using your bag to the max. Trash bags are essential when camping. BagEZ makes managing waste at your campsite easy. Hang it off tree branches, or hoist it up high in trees away from predators, especially bears.

What else can you do with BagEZ?

Designed to be a convenient solution, the small or medium can be used just about anywhere. From your craft to work table, or to catch kitchen waste on the counter or over the sink, to making waste separation at backyard parties & BBQ’s super easy. Bags Can be closed to keep out flies and contain odors, and food waste can be hung out of reach of pets, and off the ground where ants can also become a nuisance.  

Saltwater, too is not an issue, and BagEZ is ideal for any boat or marine activity involving a trash bag.

Thank you for giving up time, which is gold to clean our environment and set an example for the next generation. 

You do your thing and let BagEZ make litter pickup easier for you.