The best garbage disposal tips

garbage disposal best tips
Here you will find the best garbage disposal tips, mainly items to avoid throwing in to avoid problems. This will show and explain to you why NOT putting in certain items will keep your garbage disposal working great. These tips will also help you prevent clogs or blocks. And finally, I will show you how to manage without any mess and hassle. I will show you a tool you can use to also help improve the circular economy process in place and be greener.

Your garbage disposal is not working.

A little knowledge and thinking can keep your sink trash compactor can keep it running at its best. It will help you avoid weekly cleaning and need a cleaning every few months.
Common things that stop garbage disposal from working
Coffee grounds
Bones Oatmeal
Nuts Onion skins
Eggshells Paper towels & candy wrappers
Pumpkin, banana peels & fibrous vegetables Animal skin
Avocados Corn husks
Seafood shells Stalky vegetables like celery
Latex & oil paint Chemical cleaners & drain openers

Are Coffee grounds bad for garbage disposal?

Coffee grounds put into a garbage disposal to reduce odours cause serious problems. Coffee grounds turn into a dense, packed, pasty one. Any gunk will block your drain lines. Leave the coffee grounds out of the disposal. Instead, use them to keep critters out of your garden or put them into your outside green bin or trash can.

Can Pasta damage my garbage disposal?

Spaghetti or mac and cheese pasta expand when soaked in water. Dropping pasta into your disposal and drain where it will soak in water and keep growing. Table & plate scraps won’t hurt, but an entire pasta casserole is likely to clog the disposal.

Can I put meat & chicken bones in my garbage disposal?

Don’t panic; a chicken wing or fishbone in the disposal is no hassle. Garbage disposals are powerful & can handle grinding up the occasional small bone. But if you try to grind a rack of ribs down your sink, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Can oatmeal clog drain pipes? 

Like pasta, oatmeal is another expansion threat. Uncooked oats, slip through the disposal untouched only to collect and expand. When oatmeal expands it catches other pieces and over time causes a block. Never throwing oatmeal in is 1 of The best tips to keep garbage disposal working well.


Why you should never throw nuts down the sink

Dumping peanuts down your garbage disposal can stop it from working well. Peanuts get dumped into a grinder, they get spun and mashed into a thick sticky paste. Garbage disposals are another version of a nut grinder. Limiting nuts from entering the disposal, prevents gunk buildup & a simple solution. Peanut butter works on sandwiches and mousetraps. Disposals with peanut butter is a pain to clean and a potential drain clog.

How do onion skins cause garbage disposal problems?

fruits, vegatables in garbage disposal sinkChopped, diced or chunky onions, waste shouldn’t be a problem for your disposal in moderation. But, the thin membrane that’s below the dry outermost layer of onion skins does cause an issue. Remove this thin wet layer before chopping the onion and throw it into the disposal. This layer is light and can pass through the disposal, missing the blades ending up wedged in the grinder. The onion skins act like web & pickup catching items, holding them in place. To avoid this problem, drop the outer layer in the trash or cut it up before dropping it into the disposal. A few seconds can save you hours of work or a visit from a plumber.

Can I throw eggshells in a garbage disposal?

Some say drop eggshells into the garbage disposal to sharpens the blades. Where this theory started is hard to say. Stop & think; when was the last time you’ve seen or heard of anyone sharpening knives with a carton of eggs. Eggs shells cannot damage the blades, but, like onion, they have a thin membrane that can block drains. It’s better to toss eggshells in the trash or crush them and sprinkle them in your garden.

Paper towels & candy wrappers?

Paper turns into a pulp, and wrappers have a plastic film that sticks together, creating clogs. Ask any plumber or handyman about paper towels & wrappers. The number of times they needed to dig them out. Garbage disposals used as trash compactors end up getting replaced often. It’s better to throw paper towels in the green bin and wrappers in the trash or recycling. Follow the local sorting rules.

Pumpkin, banana peels and fibrous vegetables

If you’ve ever scooped out pumpkins for Halloween, you know about the long strands. These fibrous strands easily get caught on your hand and scooper. Even stepped on a banana peel is still intact. These fibres turn into a sticky mess like hair does in a bathroom drain. Avoid getting them into the disposal. The green or organics cart or trash can is best for pumpkin guts, banana peels & fibrous vegetables.

Are veggies like celery & potato skins bad for garbage disposals?

rice and fibrous vegetables in garbage disposal problemsThrow long stalks in the trash rather than the garbage disposal. stringy fibres hold onto moving parts and cause clogging. Chopped small pieces do not cause a problem. Potato peels are thin & slip past the blades. They can catch in the drain and can cause the same issue as the mango skins.

Can garbage disposal break down Avocados skins & pits?

Avocados have hard, dense pits in their center. If you cannot chop it with a knife, it’s not going to grind up in the disposal. Machines can break it down once or twice, and it won’t be long before you need to buy a new garbage disposal. By making a habit of dropping hard items in the disposal won’t kill the motor. Instead, you’ll end up with a machine that isn’t disposing of waste properly. Soon frustration with it will make you replace it.

Can you use cleaning chemicals in a garbage disposal?

Dish soap or regular cleaners are acceptable for everyday use. The chemicals we should avoid are harsh drain busters and industrial-grade cleaners. The powerful chemicals can put excessive wear on your disposal. Powders and granules that need hot water to activate is an example. These chemicals release a pungent gas too. Always use them as directed and never in your garbage disposal.

Can you put latex or oil paint down a sink?

Never pour paint down the drain. Paint can cling to the side of the disposal wall or sit on pipes where it will cure and harden into a clog. A little colour from watercolours is ok when diluted & won’t be an issue. Always clean oil, paint brushes and rollers as directed. Only use the appropriate containers and solvents.

Can you throw corn husks in?

Husking corn creates a large amount of waste. Husks should go in the compost pile or organic bin rather than the garbage disposal. The fine threads of corn silk create a clog even the best disposal systems.

Can I put seafood shells into garbage disposal?

seafood shells in garbage disposalIt’s a good idea to toss shells straight into a bag and not into the garbage disposal at all. Shells from crab, lobster shrimp and oysters cause blockages in garbage disposal systems. These shells are too dense to grind up well, while some slip through like shrimp & can catch in the drain
Drop shells in the trash, preferably a small trash bag, so that you can take it out of the kitchen & lock the smell inside. It’s a better practice than cleaning the whole kitchen to get rid of a bad smell.

Best garbage disposal tips 1

Follow and avoid problematic items and foods to avoid blockages

Best garbage disposal tips 2

Clean out your garbage disposal unit every 3 months. Each unit is different but simple to clean. A 3-month cycle prevents a simple rinse & clean from becoming a nasty 1.

Best garbage disposal tips 3

BagEZ garbage bag holder large black bagYou have a disposal unit to make life easier, and that’s the truth. A lot of items that will clog your garbage disposal will also cause a stink. We suggest BagEZ garbage bag holders, to secure a bag in your garage or outdoor trash can or green bin to prevent creating a mess. After all, why does waste management have to be messy?