Bagez (S) size

Why choose the Bagez Organic Bin unit

  • Designed to be used with all Green organics disposal garbage bins.
  • Will secure all size garbage bags easily.
  • Specifically created to be used with bins with irregular mouth openings (garbage bins vary depending on your location or even manufacturer).
  • Is NOT designed for garbage bins larger than 35 gallons.

For Green Organic bins with regular/ standard openings (image: GreenBin gta) we recommend the Bagez Original unit, which is designed for larger sized bins.

Bagez is also available in a bigger, Family Size unit for those who prefer to use larger bags for waste disposal.


  • 30-Day Replacement Warranty

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions – 13 x 10 inches
  • Colour – Green
  • Material – Steel (frame) and high grade plastic (fasteners)

Bagez Features

  • Hygienic – Helps keep your home free of potential disease carriers attracted to waste
  • Pest Prevention – Eliminates food sources that attract pests, rodents, animals from your home
  • No ‘Yuck’ Factor – No more washing filthy bins or worrying about maggots etc. infesting them
  • No Heavy Lifting – Avoid bending over to transport heavy bags from one bin to another
  • Perfect for the outdoors – Barbeques/picnic/ outdoor party clean us, camping fishing, hunting, gardening (storing leaves, compost et al), Rain Water Harvesting
  • Easy to store – Light-weight design that easily folds for transport or storage
  • Durable – Superior quality materials ensure it is all-weather proof and the simple yet efficient design can withstand at least 60 pounds of force.
  • Versatile – Universal design allows you to use a variation of bag sizes and large kitchen liners

Need more information before you decide? No problem, click here for our FAQs section.


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13 x 10

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