Trash & Plastic Grocery Bag Holder for garbage Storage, Cleanup & Events

Features of BagEZ Bag HoldersBagEZ trash & plastic grocery bag holder is a folding metal rack that adapts to easily managing waste, & improves our recycling processes.

Use any checkout plastic grocery bags, in-store trash bags, yard or lawn bags to effortlessly manage waste without the mess & hassle.

We use bags to line, just about every type of indoor or outdoor waste container available to prevent cleaning out a dirty sticky mess & make cleaning up easy.

BagEZ turns bags into bins, holds them wide open, to function as every holder available. We can honestly say BagEZ Small, Medium & Large does it all. Customize BagEZ to address all your waste needs easily.


How You use BagEZ to manage your indoor/outdoor trash & more in different ways, depends on the frame size.

Outdoor Trash can Garbage bag holder.

How to make smaller trash bags fit trash cans

Make smaller trash bags fit in your large curbside wheeled trash cans to hold your home’s messy waste. 

Washing nasty bins are a pain, & a waste of time because they get messed up as soon as you start throwing in your trash. Icky waste and garbage juice easily leak from thin plastic & paper bags used. The large 96-gallon trash can is much harder to clean, compared to the 32-gallon trash can. Trash bags line & keep waste off bin wall, but everyday in-store trash bags are made to hold hefty loads & not to fit large outdoor containers, like the 96-gallon trash can. The answer to “how to put a trash bag in a trash can” is BagEZ.

Trash can trash bag holderWith BagEZ hanging & using smaller 13, 20, 33-gallon trash bags in large any 96-gallon trash to hold messy garbage is easy. Use any plastic to biodegradable or certified compostable bags & avoid getting your hands dirty doing nasty cleanups. Get clean trash cans every time the garbage truck swings around, without getting off the couch. You save money because no water, expensive cleaning products, are needed. Why waste Time senselessly cleaning trash cans when BagEZ keeps it clean for you. (Video)

Folding trash bag stand

trash-bag-stand-kitchen-room-outdoorIndoors or outdoors, a trash can is essential, but to manage waste and stopping a trash can from getting nasty, nothing beats a bag.

BagEZ turns any bag into a folding trash can to hold your waste.

The small, medium & large size makes it easy to manage waste both in the home & when outside.

Reuse in-store produce & food packing bags or checkout plastic grocery bags to hold scraps in the kitchen over the countertop.

The 3 sizes and collapsible design makes BagEZ the perfect folding trash bag stand for kitchens, bed & bathrooms, studio apartments, RVs, campers & modified vans to camping, backyard parties & events.(Video)


Over The Door Kitchen Plastic Grocery Bag Holderkitchen-cabinet-counter-white-bag-wrapper

BagEZ is not a replacement for a large indoor 30-gallon kitchen trash can with lid, but it’s the best kitchen scrap catcher available. Here’s Why!
Hang grocery or trash bags over kitchen drawers, and chuck your scraps without walking back & forth to your main kitchen trash can. BagEZ works with kitchen drawers & cabinets of varied thickness.
BagEZ is the best portable kitchen trash can/grocery bag holder because it works with any bag, holds heavy loads, and opens up to 18″ inches wide.

Hanging BagEZ off kitchen cabinet handles, hooks, nails & knobs to place it wherever you want makes BagEZ a convenient functional kitchen tool. (Video)

Plastic Grocery Bag Holder & DIY Tshirt Dispenser For Plastic Bags

4 images small multi purpose bag holder dispenser compA hanging trash bag holder for plastic bags provides a place to quickly stuff collected plastic grocery bags. In seconds you can fix a grocery bag, or a trash bag to BagEZ to hold grocery bags.

Recycle old clothes, make beautiful personalized bag holders from your favourite tops & T-shirts to store your plastic bags.

Hang in the kitchen or near the entrance for quick access.

Why settle for mass-produced plastic & stainless steel bag dispensers that you see in everyone’s kitchens.

Create your own beautiful trash bag holder for plastic bags while upcycling old clothes & preventing them from ending up in landfills.

A simple new way to go green you can inform your friends about.(Video)


Portable Trash Bag Holder

4 images blue bag portable bag holder campingThe term portable trash bag holder fits BagEZ perfectly. Clip-on a bag & carry and place your hanging trash bag holder wherever you want easily, especially out of reach of pets.

BagEZ allows you to hold bags wide open or keep them closed, to prevent flies & pests from causing a nuisance.

Use bags without any fear of slipping loose BagEZ holds heavy bags up to 55lbs (25 kg).

This portable feature makes BagEZ a great gardening, camping & cleanup accessory. Use contractor bags to make renovations & debris removal easy. A serious durable trash & plastic grocery bag holder.

The carry handles make it avoid injury by getting a friend’s help.

There are numerous ways to carry BagEZ.(Video)


Car Trash bag holder -DIY car trash can

Car trash can bag holder BagEZA car trash can prevents a messy car & is a must-have for road trips, especially if you have kids. 

Car trash can manufacturers recommend using bags to line a car trash can, as liquids & disposed of food waste can cause a nasty mess that’s a pain to clean. 

When on the go the compact & collapsible design puts BagEZ into the 10 best car trash bag holder or car trash container list.

BagEZ fits anywhere, hanging from the glove box, car seat, or boot. You can also place BagEZ on the window when relaxing outside the car.

Any grocery or garbage bag, & your car trash bag is ready to go.


Garage Trash Storage & Organization

garage trash storage & organization hanging garbage bag holderSome towns & cities use the curbside bag or box system. Storing waste that raises a stink poses a challenge.

A round 32-gallon trash can with a lid is used to house a bag is normal in garages, but they take up space & making moving around in the garage hard.

Hanging trash bags on the walls or posts solves your space concerns and keeps trash off the floor.

BagEZ opens & closes, making disposing of daily home trash easy & to keep odours in & flies out.

BagEZ secures bags up to 55 lbs (25kgs). Use a quality bag to prevent messy accidents & creates a hassle-free disposal system for your garage, away from unwanted pests.
Pulling off the clips releases full bags making replacing them easy.


Show-stopping DIY Party Trash Cans

diy glow in the dark party trash bag holderRelaxing with friends & family is what life is all about. Backyard BBQ parties, cookouts, & themed parties are fun. 

Use glow sticks to add some life & fun into your bins. Make bins easy to find, fun to use, and a point of conversation. 

Never have a guest ask where your trash cans are, with your glow-in-the-dark trash cans.

Hang, Hook, or stand your bags off a fence, doorknob & more.

Other popup party trash cans have limited capacity and disposed of with the trash when full.

Your bin capacity is subject to the bag size you use with BagEZ & only a bag worth a few cents is discarded. (Video)



Leaf Bag Holder For Easy Raking

leaf bag holder & garden toolRaking leaves is hard work BagEZ makes it easy. Avoid back injury caused by repeated bending to fill large containers with leaves when doing lawn care & yard work.

Rake or blow your leaves into a pile, and scoop them directly into a bag held wide open with BagEZ.

There are many methods to bag fallen leaves. BagEZ leaf bag holder eliminates the effort, additional tools needed, and steps in the process of getting leaves in a bag.

BagEZ makes it easy to pack & compress leaves inside bags & carry your lawn bag around too. We tried various methods and tools, but BagEZ raking & bagging takes no effort at all. (Video)



Garden Accessory Pruning & trimming Catcher

gardening outdoor camping hanging bag holderA trap or drop cloth is used as a clipping catcher when trimming a shrub or pruning a hedge, but putting down & moving a tarp is work.

BagEZ large makes trimming bushes & hedges, disposing of tree branches, mulch, and garden debris easy. Hold your frame with the bag held wide open or hanging off branches to catch bush, hedge, or shrub clipping.

Clip BagEZ to a belt or hanging from a makeshift shoulder strap, making trimming your tree or bush even easier.

You can also lay BagEZ down as you would a tarp, is an option with its 23 inches wide diameter.




Pontoon, Boat & Marine Trash Accessories

bagez pontoon boat trash bag holder accessoriesNothing beats spending a day on a pontoon, or boat and being on the water. managing & keeping our trash onboard prevent more trash from ending up in our polluted oceans. There are many trash devices designed for marine crafts, from suction cup bag holders to trash stachers. Most boat trash bag holder also recommends using a bag to avoid messing up the container.

BagEZ is the perfect marine trash bag holder because when boating keeping things in place is important. It can sit, be hooked too, or clipped on just about anywhere. Inside or even hanging off the boat. Durable and coated to resist corrosion caused by saltwater.

BagEZ is unlike other containers, you can control the capacity of the bag, to suit the crowd size.



Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Game & Fin Mesh Bag Holder  

scuba diving mesh net bag BagEZA mesh bag is a must-have on a dive or snorkel swim trip. A net scuba catch bag for fish, lobster, ocean trash, or dive fins gets your catch to the surface while keeping your hands free.

A mesh game bag dive goes rough use. Carrying dive & snorkelling gear like fins, fish, & ocean trash always rip the mesh bag requiring replacement.

Fix any net or mesh bag to BagEZ, clip it to your Dive jacket (BCD) & dive in. Replace torn bags with any in-store net or mesh bag you want to use.

Change out your mesh bags with trash bags when on deck to manage your dive boat trash or litter floating in the ocean. There are many ways you can do things, with this versatile boat trash bag holder.



DIY T-Shirt Grocery Bag Holder

t shirt into shopping grocery bag websiteA grocery or shopping bag is essential, & with plastic checkout, bag bans on the horizon, and instore alternatives being expensive, a hygienic, sustainable, reusable bag alternative makes sense.

Recycle your favourite T-shirt or top into a bag. Clip T-shirts to BagEZ & in seconds without any alteration or damage. Change out T-shirts, to have a new or matching T-shirt bag holder that holds heavy loads. Unclip T-shirts to throw them in a wash, or switch between shirt sizes if you need a larger bag. 

Using a strap, you can carry the bag holder over the shoulder or turn it into a backpack.

With BagEZ the options are endless.