how to keep pests out of trash cans

How to keep pests out of trash cans: Seven tips to keep your bins clean, fresh, and free of unwanted animals looking for treats

Welcome to a journey toward a cleaner and more pleasant outdoor living space! You're not alone if you've ever wrestled with the unsavory task of dealing with a foul-smelling and pest-infested trash can. This comprehensive guide will provide you with seven tips – to keep pests out of trash cans while elevating your hygiene game. These tried-and-true methods take less than a minute and won't break the bank. Let's embark on the path to a spotless and pest-free outdoor space, where our tips answer questions such as what smells keep bears away from trash cans. Now Picture this: you no longer have to endure the chore of cleaning a nasty-smelling trash can. Imagine a space where messy food waste doesn't touch and coat your container in filth. 

How To Keep Pests Out Of Trash Cans


Introduction to How to keep Pest out of trash cans in Trash Cans

I’m your guide to achieving this transformation, and our first step is recognizing the universal truth – who wants to spend time cleaning a dirty bin? Start with a clean slate to achieve the best results. Let’s start with a clean bin. This initial effort is more than worth it. Our first tip involves BagEZ trash bag holders, designed to keep open compostable bags in place from 9 gallons onward. If nothing sticks, nothing stinks! Join me as we delve into the details of this game-changing solution for a cleaner and odor-free bin.

Using BagEZ’s Solutions for Effective Pest Control

Tip 1 – BagEZ Trash Bag Holders for Easy Cleanup

Investing in BagEZ trash bag holders is a small step that promises significant results. These holders prevent messy food waste from creating chaos in your bin, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment. Let’s explore how this straightforward solution can save you from the hassle of cleaning up a bin coated in filth.

Tip 2: Use Quality Trash Bags.

Moving on to Tip 2, we dive into the importance of the bag itself. The safety of your bin relies on the durability of the bag holding your waste. Discover the impact of choosing a trustworthy brand, ensuring your bin remains intact, preventing accidental leaks, and maintaining cleanliness and to keep pests out of trash cans.

Tip 3: Seal and Release Bags on Garbage

A Small Step for a Big Impact: Tip 3 may seem like a small detail, but it’s a game-changer. Taking a few seconds to seal and release the bag properly on garbage day can save you from potential messes.

Add newspapers to prevent accidents and work

Adding a layer of newspapers in the bottom of your trash can help protect and keep your bin pristine. It can absorb any liquid in case your bag leaks or act like an absorbent pad the bag sits on when released from the BagEZ frame and is waiting to be emptied by the garbage truck doing its routine pickups. This prevents accidental leaks from causing a mess that forces you to clean the trash can with water and some scrubbing. Any liquid or rotting matter in the bin can emit odors and must be addressed to keep pests out of trash cans.

Maintaining a Germ-Free and Odor-Controlled Bin

Tip 4: Maintaining a Germ-Free Trash Can

An antibacterial spray is a simple yet effective solution to kill germs and eliminate lingering smells. Weekly application on the lid, rim, and inside of the bin contributes to a clean and hygienic container. And aids to keep pests out of trash cans. Eliminate the source of odors and keep pests out of Trash Cans.

Tip 5: Address bad odors.

Discover the power of odor catchers and fresheners in combating unpleasant smells. Hanging peppermint fragrance-emitting pouches on the outside of the bin provides a clean fragrance and is a deterrent for animals. Say goodbye to foul odors and welcome a refreshing aroma whenever you open your bin. Remember, it is the odor that attracts animals. Reducing it is an effective way to keep pests out of trash cans.

Prevent Flies

Tip 6: Stop Flies with Flycatchers

Tip 6 focuses on another pesky issue – flies. Hanging a flycatcher near or above your bin, especially during the summer, prevents flies from accessing your container and laying eggs. We’ll also explore various DIY fixes available online to find the best solution for you. Say farewell to bothersome flies and maintain a fly-free bin. Flies lay eggs that can lead to a maggot infestation that does not help to keep pests out of trash cans.

Maggot Prevention and Conclusion

Tip 7: Natural Products for Maggot Prevention

Welcome to the final part of our comprehensive guide! In this segment, we’ll explore Tip 7, which introduces natural products for maggot prevention. Discover how simple ingredients like baking soda, salt, vinegar, or Diatomaceous Earth (kitty litter) can be your allies in keeping maggots at bay. These natural products kill maggots on contact, act as a barrier against infestations, and keep pests out of trash cans.

BagEZ Bin Cleaning System Benefits

By following these seven comprehensive tips, you can keep your green bin clean and smelling fresh 24/7, all year long. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning a nasty bin and hello to a more pleasant waste management routine. A little effort goes a long way in maintaining a clean-smelling bin and to keep pests out of trash cans


In conclusion, to keep pests out of trash cans and maintaining their hygiene doesn’t have to be a tedious task. These tips are designed to be quick, cost-effective, and highly efficient. Whether it’s preventing messy food waste, ensuring durability with the right bags, sealing bags on garbage day, maintaining a germ-free environment, fighting odors, preventing flies, or using natural products for maggot prevention – each tip contributes to a cleaner, fresher, and pest-free outdoor living space. Congratulations on taking the first step toward a cleaner and more enjoyable outdoor space. Implement these tips, and you’ll be amazed at the positive transformation in your trash can experience. Happy trash managing


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