How to Dispose Trash In The Park Correctly

outdoor waste management solutions park trash clean bannerHow to Properly Dispose of Trash Parks

Millions of people visit parks every year, and unfortunately, do not dispose of trash in the park correctly & leave behind tons of garbage. Visitors have noticed this and have expressed concerns online & to authorities.

Why do Park Visitors Litter?

  1. People litter because theytax forget bag walk to far bin
  2. Forget to bring along garbage bags
  3. Did not plan for trash or
  4. Expect an empty bin sitting at their spot 
  5. A small fringe minority believes that they already with taxes for the park cleaning,

Why Should We Dispose of Trash in the Park Properly?

dirty picnic park table litterAs park visitors, we are responsible for any garbage we make. When we get ready to leave our spot, sweeping the area for trash is a good idea. Pick up & carry out your trash and put it in any of the recycling and garbage cans stationed throughout the park.

The wind can easily blow small plastics, such as bread tags and bottle caps, & food wrappings. Therefore, having a bag or place to keep trash is wise. Because parks have thousands of visitors a day, always carry bags to store trash because the chance of park trash cans already overflowing is high. If you can’t find an empty trash can to put your bag into, then take your garbage home. Follow all waste separation rules when at home.

Which Trash Causes Problems for Park Facilities

Diapers, wipes, and sanitary napkins are just a few items that, when disposed of incorrectly or flushed in public restrooms, block the system & cause washroom shutdowns. They are not compostable & are icky for staff to pick up. Diapers & other such items must go in a trash bag or directly into a garbage bin. diapers cigarette butts plastic cupHygiene & personal safety has increased, so all used masks, gloves, and wipes go in the garbage. Do not leave any of these items on the ground, in public toilets or fling them beside the trash cans.

Single-use plastic bottles make up a high volume of trash. Using reusable water bottles and filling up on-site reduces unnecessary plastic entering the waste stream. By visiting your spots site page, you can ensure the water is safe to drink & the location of refilling stations.

Cigarette butts are a severe concern & impact wildlife if ingested. They contain plastic fibres, are not biodegradable, and contain chemicals. Always extinguish cigarettes and dispose of them in garbage bags or specified receptacles.

Can I Leave Garbage in a Park?

Cleaning up & throwing your garbage helps park staff & visitors like you start off on a good note. Who does not want to walk up to a clean park bench or table, we all do, & it’s because the person who used it earlier did the right thing. Garbage littered around the campground can attract wildlife. Therefore, most campsites and picnic areas in the park must be kept clean to minimize any human & wildlife interaction.

 Many parks can issue you a fine for leaving your trash behind In Canada the minimum fine for litter is $125

How To Prevent Litter & Dispose of trash in the Park?

Besides disposing of your trash correctly, you can:

  • Always have trash bags handy! (You are likely to use a bag you have)
  • Use reusable items, such as steel cutlery.  

Reduce waste by using products that can be used multiple times

  • Invest in quality gear to prevent items from being discarded in the park when they break
  • Take back out everything you brought in
  • Use a Trash can or holder to keep waste organized

We recommend BagEZ to manage trash in the park. Hang bags wide open just about anywhere

  1. Park benches                                                  tree-hanging-hands-bottle-clear-camping-backyard-Dispose-trash-park
  2. Tables / Chairs
  3. Nails 
  4. Tree branches 


Everyone needs to step up, do their part, which most people already do! Think about this

Was the picnic table & bench you sat on clean?

Did you dispose of your trash when leaving? 

This good attitude quickly becomes an example for others, & soon our parks & environment will be clean & beautiful!