How to Clean Garbage Cans Effortlessly

Find Washing Stinky Bug-Infested Bins A Pain?

Yuck the pain dirty garbage bins causeHow to clean garbage cans is a hot search topic, especially in summer. When heat quickly turns bins into stink pits, that is breeding ground for harmful bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens.
The sight of maggots and the rotting smell from reeking garbage bins make us gag.
Filthy bins attract raccoons and vermin, which often leave behind a mess to clean up. Washing disgusting bins is a horrible, revolting chore, we are tired of it. Yet it has to get done, or does it now?

So how do we stop this senseless cycle? & Keep Clean garbage cans!

Available Bag Products To Help Keep Clean Garbage Cans

Paper and other environmentally friendly bags and products are commonly used PAPER PLASTIC AND OVER SIZED BAGS as substitutes for plastics in the organic stream. Most paper bags don’t hold up, and they get costly fast. Many bio-degradable and compostable bags have gelatine or thin plastic linings to avoid disintegration.
When using oversized or extra large garbage bags in trash cans, they prevent the lids from properly shutting. Flies get access through openings & lay eggs, which causes maggots. Bags rip or tear when a built-in locking mechanism is present. So we revert to what we know works well, plastic bags, more specifically single-use grocery or checkout bags. But they are getting more costly, consistently fail at doing the job effectively, and have caused irreversible environmental damage.

Want a hassle-free solution to keep bins clean?

Garbage bags or bin-liners, whatever you call them ‘work.’ They help keep bins clean. That’s why we all use them. But try finding reasonably priced bags that stretch and fit over the large opening of our containers, that’s impossible. When buying trash bags, we have all looked for bags that would fit our bins. Oversized bags available are found and commonly used in the manufacturing industry, as they exceed residential limits and overpriced.

We want one simple, reliable solution; one that makes it a mess and hassle-free fix. That solution is BagEZ. The world’s first garbage bag holder that makes managing your waste super easy.

How BagEZ gives you clean garbage cans every time:

Always start with a clean can and use good quality bags for the best results.

Setting up BagEZ is quick, simple, and effortless. You can do it in 3 easy steps.How to fit a trash bags in garbage bins in 3 steps

  • Unfold your frame and hang the handles on the raised edges of your open container.
  • Insert your bag through the center and, pull the edges over the frame. Ensure adequate overhanging material to avoid bag slippage.
  • Firmly attach your fasteners by pressing down one side at a time, until all four corners are secure.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

You are now ready to throw your trash away. See the VIDEO

Replacing and adding new bags.

Lift, Drop & Shut. That’s is your routine till your bag reaches capacity. Replacing bags is super easy.


How to replace full garbage bags in trash cans


  • Pull off the four fasteners, one side at a time.
  • Let your bag drop, and seal it.
  • Add new bags as needed until your bin is full.

Before taking your bin to the curb for collection, remove your BagEZ bag holder.

All waste in the bag, everything nasty and gross, gets taken away, leaving you with a clean bin without any effort.

Drop a few newspapers in your bin to absorb any liquids that may leak, if your bag happens to be ripped or punctured accidentally. Lining your bin with a few papers, when you are going to use a brand of trash bags you have not tried before, will again save you from having to completely wash out your bin. Always check your bins to see if any leaks or accidents happened after trash collection. Upgrade to a better quality bag to avoid future disasters as BagEZ can firmly secure bags up to 55 lbs / 25 kgs.

BagEZ can easily be used in combination with other odour and pest eliminating products, to give you added control and peace of mind.

Approximately 100 litres of water gets wasted, washing out bins and spraying clean driveways and lawns of the nasty stuff in your containers. That dirty water is toxic and frequently gets into the drainage system and contaminates stormwater.
Besides preserving water, you also save money and not waste time washing out nasty garbage containers. Detergents and other products used to clean bins also get saved.

Additional Benefits Of BagEZ
benefits advantages using BagEZ To Keep clean garbage bins

Single-use plastic bags commonly identified as shopping, grocery or checkout bags, are anywhere between 5 to 10 cents a bag and rising. Thin bags are famous for leaks, double bagging is smart. Grocery bags hold little waste, but spill a lot out too, when get crushed. Additionally, at recycling facilities, they jam systems & cause huge problems.

The average household disposes of about 3 to 5 bags per week if not more. Trash bags hold more waste in volume, cost way less, and are great at holding trash and keeping bins clean.
BagEZ is versatile and makes managing waste anywhere super easy. You can hang, suspend or rest BagEZ just about anywhere you want, to make disposing of trash quick and convenient. The easy-carry handles make moving your bag around or to the bin so easy.
We hope BagEZ gives you years of service. Additionally, there are substantial environmental benefits you can find them all in our FAQ section. Please share BagEZ with us because we want to make managing waste super easy for all.

How do you clean garbage cans?

BagEZ bag holder holding recycling bag and in trash can

Typical cleaning involves work, a bunch of tools & products to make cleaning your garbage can easier.

° Pressure washer is great, but a hose gets the job done.

° A scrubber with a long or extendable handle & tough bristles, to remove tough grime & gunk and avoid crawling in the bin to scrub.

° Cleaning Products to loosen the dirt & remove odours is a must. I could go on about the effort, time, and water used, or try BagEZ. A bag holder that allows you to fit any regular bin liner, and keep your waste contained in your outdoor garbage bins.

How often should you clean your garbage can?

Its time to clean dirty smelling bin

On average, two times a year is recommended, but it depends. Hot, humid conditions in states like Florida, Louisiana, and Texas, make garbage can cleaning a necessity. Diapers, pet & food waste quickly turn garbage cans into stink pits, full of harmful germs and pathogens. Summer's are getting hotter, and regular trash can cleanings quickly become a pain and a health hazard. BagEZ garbage can -trash bag holders, eliminates this problem for you while delivering, professional trash can cleaning service results. As your trash is collected, everything in your trash bag, garbage juice, putrid food and all, gets taken away. You are left with a clean garbage can every time. Use quality LDPE trash bag for the best result