Proper Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Importance During The Covid19 Pandemic


Covid19 And Being A Litterbug: What You Need To Know

Keeping family safe and healthy during the 2019 novel Coronavirus pandemic is a priority. Social isolation in these unclear hard times is frightening, especially if children & elderly loved ones are involved. Homes are space-constrained, and stocking up on perishable, and essential products is not an option for everyone. This makes unavoidable trips to the grocery, doctor, or chemist a must. Essential workers, our lifeblood shuttle to work to keep providing you services. Improperly disposed PPE is a common hazard, To flatten the curve, we have to search inside ourselves, to fight Covid19 and being a litterbug: What You Need To Know

Why Do We Use PPE’s?

Used_ppe_discarded_equiment_face_mask_glovesCanadians staying in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and St Johns are using protective gear when grocery shopping or travelling work using public transport. News reports picturing front line workers utilizing PPE’s, trigger a fear and survival instinct leading to extreme precautionary measures.

PPE’s such as N95 respirators, face masks, and single-use latex gloves are precautions used when outdoors, along with disinfectant tissues and sprays are products being used to clean surfaces.
Canadians are using PPE’s to prevent contracting Covid19, but most importantly, to stop this dreaded virus from entering our home and endangering our loved ones. We also consider our vehicles a safe zone and also try to keep them as clean and sanitized as possible because we transport ourselves, and our family.

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Shortcut Mentality

Removing of PPE items, before entering into known safe zones, prevents jeopardizing and infecting your household.
Scrubbing and wiping down surfaces, are vital to flatten the curve, but with cleaning products flying off the shelf, and rising in cost, when job security, suggests conserving their use, for when required.

Would this be a reason we are seeing PPE litter?

The fear of infecting our family, and safe zones, that disposing of PPE without consideration is happening.

gloves litter disposed on streetHow we manage our trash, says a lot about us, especially now.
If protection is our aim, why litter used PPE’s?
Littering public areas, and parking lots with disposable plastic gloves, tissues and masks is a HEALTH HAZARD! 

These littered items must be considered infected. Clean up of this waste is extremely hazardous. The Covid 19 virus has been know to live on different surfaces for extended periods. We need to change, what was considered minor litter, and would frown upon, today can be a potential threat. All PPE must be considered as household hazardous waste Disposal of these items correctly is vital.

New waste restrictions state all PPE’s must be put in the garbage bins and must not be loose but in garbage bags.

Together We Rise

The old saying” Treat and respect others as you would expect others to treat you”, now more than ever stands.

All over Canada great sacrifices, are being made, our front line heroes doctors, nurses, waste collectors, and essential services staff, to state only a few, are risking everything to save lives, and keep services running as smoothly, so that during this period we are least affected and still

Businesses too, like restaurants in dire straits are helping out with the little they have. So please Do Not Litter, encourage it, or allow it to happen, it’s a possible hazard to your life and your loved ones.

A little effort from you will go a long way and help control and end this pandemic soon.