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Improper food waste management has caused a valuable natural resource, organics to become a worldwide problem. Organic matter in landfills creates greenhouse gases that speed up global warming. Various educational food waste management programs tried to improve separation rates with minor success, so we decided on “A New Approach

What is unavoidable food waste?

food waste plate Unavoidable food waste is food that has turned, gone wrong, spoiled or no longer fit for consumption.

It can also account for table scraps & leftovers that we have lost interest in and discarded. 


How is food waste stored & collected?

garbage can outdoor recycling and green bin for food wasteGreen bins have been provided to make storing and collecting residential food waste easy.

The bins provided range from 13 to 35-gallon cart and 65 to 95-gallon. 

These large bins let garbage trucks do the heavy lifting. Collections times are improved & the garbage man avoids injury on the job.

The Problem:

food waste in landfill dumpsite bag managementFood waste in the wrong bin results in the loss of valuable natural resources & contamination of recyclable materials.

Organics also emit greenhouse gases in landfills and cause them to reach capacity sooner because they render reusables to garbage. 

Why does food waste contamination happen?

yuck-factors food waste odorsYuck factors are one of the main causes of contamination. 

Existing, cost-effective & convenient ways to manage waste without it becoming another chore have failed. Bad odours, maggots, and preventing nuisance pests by performing regular bin cleaning have turned people off using their bin properly. 

To prevent this mess & hassle organics get chucked & deposed of in the wrong bin. Most often, it ends up in the bin whose turn it is to be placed curbside. 

The faster this messy waste gets taken away, the less of a hassle it can become, is the reasoning. 

This attitude has caused waste diversion rates to stagnate.

The few organic sorters help, but the population must get involved for real change.

Implemented Food Waste Management Solutions 

plastic bin linersIn Ottawa, diversion rates were horrendous. Rule makers realized the average person would not go above & beyond for the environment, but the contamination issue and waste capture rates still needed to be addressed. Guess What!

Ottawa did a U-turn & changed the rules. Now In Ottawa, everyday plastic bags are allowed in the green bins.

A new approach to food waste management. 

Everyone wants to do the right thing and fight climate change as long as it’s easy. Sorting trash where we make it, at home is vital. Separated waste helps facilities recycle better. However, finding a solution for everyone is not easy.

home food waste disposal in trash canThe thin plastic grocery & compostable kitchen bin liners used to dispose of food waste leaks when pilled on each other. This causes gunk to build up over time, which raises a stink & attracts pests, if not cleaned.

Larger compostable & trash bags available in stores hold waste easily, but they do not fit over the large bins. 

BagEZ eliminates the problems holding change back. Making Food Waste Management mess & hassle-free encourages proper disposal and greater recovery. Its new approach to residential food waste diversion automatically betters the recycling collection process too. BagEZ does this by connecting your bag & bin.

BagEZ easily integrates into existing residential waste collection methods or systems with any disruption.

How BagEZ Helps improve diversion.

Clean A Green Garbage BinEveryday in-store compostable/Biodegradable/Plastic bags from 8 gallons onwards are affordable, easily available can now be used to hold your waste in your wheelie bin.

Everything yucky gets confined in the bag, & gets taken away during curbside collection, leaving you with a clean, fresh bin every time.

Imagine lifting the lid of your bin after the garbage truck has come by and finding a mess-free perfectly clean can, one that you did not have to spend any time cleaning.

Yes, you get clean bins every time minus the hassle.

BagEZ turns trash cans into a self-cleaning bin system.

How much easier can it get! (VIDEO)


Why BagEZ Works?

Mess & hassle-free home waste management

happy effortless clean green bins food wasteCleaning a nasty bin full of rotting stink waste matter is one of the most disgusting chores. Now imagine never having to do it again. With BagEZ the results are immediate & visible.

A clean trash can is sitting in the driveway after the garbage truck takes the garbage away. It literally feels like you are using a city bin, where all you do is chuck your scraps & walk on, never bothered, let someone else clean the mess. 

BagEZ does exactly what it’s meant tomake waste management easy.

x ray 2 bins text shadows smallNo matter your bin size you’re covered. Simply clips your bags on, and put in in place, It literally takes seconds to set up. It’s that easy!

It’s made of solid steel & securely holds heavy bags up to 55lbs(25kgs) so you do not have to worry about bags slipping off. 

When a bag gets full, replacing them with new bags is effortless & with no heavy lifting. The bag is already in the bin, where it needs to be. This allows you to use the bin to capacity.

Free up garage space

small useless garage trash canRegular in-store trash bags do not fit the large 35, 65 or 95-gallon trash cans, so an extra bin or metal can with a lid that is between 20-32 gallons are used in the garage. Any bin occupies space, and in the garage it’s gold. Getting by without rubbing up against them is another task.

Using these bins is also inefficient. As bags get full lifting them out becomes difficult, and you have to carry the heavy bag and toss it into your large bin. 

With BagEZ everything happens in your large bin, eliminating all the extra inefficient work. Just better easier food waste management.

Why education, regulations, awareness & BagEZ is needed to improve capture.

Education & awareness has improved waste diversion rates across the region. The hiring of bin inspectors that tag improperly sorted waste in bins has increased. Punitive measures adopted to improve collections, news articles of communities receiving penalties. This creates a short-term benefit, and people revert.
food waste educationWe all want to keep the environment clean provided we are not inconvenienced doing it.
People are aware food waste is the largest cause of contamination, and must be disposed of in the green bin. Yet it’s found in the recycling bin and garbage can. Not everyone cares. Wet & dry waste get mixed because proper sorting is a huge inconvenience.
BagEZ eliminates nasty trash cans troubles without altering how you use them. Lift the lid, drop trash in & shut your lid, just as you do now, it’s that simple! 
Eliminating yuck factors that cause improper food waste management is the key. This makes BagEZ a valuable tool in the recycling process. Awareness and education, let everyone know about the systems & tools available to help
To prevent climate change businesses & governments must work together. Scientists have said we have a decade to reverse climate change. Altering habits take time & that’s time we do not have. Providing tools that help make disposal easier for homeowners will speed up diversion.
Daily more than (86,000) eighty-six thousand tons of garbage is produced in Canada.


The Added benefits you get with BagEZ

  • Save water ( Why wash a clean trash can)
  • Saves Time ( Again with no bin to clean, you can put your feet up, relax)
  • Save Money ( No bin cleaning products, water bills, use affordable regular size bags Vs costly oversized bin bags.)
  • Prevents groundwater contamination ( Germs & chemicals polluted water cleaning bins seeping into storm drains)
  • Multi-use bag holder for indoor/outdoor waste management (Raking & bag leaves, outdoor party & event popup bin)
  • DIY T-shirt shopping bag holder. ( plastic grocery bag alternative & textile upcycling)
  • Make a 96 gallon trash can into a dual compartment bin- Event/ festival waste management

Customizable for multiple cleanup waste management jobs

Pollution cleanup & prevention control

1:Litter pickup (Beach & shoreline, and environment litter clean up)

2:Portable popup bins to reduce litter & clean up time at events ( Festivals/ Street Protests, parks)

see the difference medium vs large trash bag holder

If we want to change we must work together. Similarly pairing BagEZ with a tough bag & odour control product, gets you a complete mess & hassle-free system. A self-cleaning trash can system, that only needs you to your part, & sort waste fight climate change.
We recommend buying the BagEZ medium holder. If your trash bin is between 35-96 gallons, use any bag from 9 gallons onwards. The 13-gallon bag is the most used bag size in North America.
If your Bin is between 21-35 gallons the BagEZ small is a perfect size. for you and it fits bags from 8 gallons & up.

Climate Change needs a Champion

climate champion Thank you for getting involved in the climate change movement. Remember only when we act together can we make a change & we cannot do it alone. We need your support. Spread the word, make others aware of the problems with improper disposal of organics. because it’s a bother, that tools are available to make sorting waste mess-free.

We would love to hear from you, your thoughts, questions.

Stay safe.

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