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While BagEZ is engineered to be a simple-to-use yet innovative product, we understand that you might have questions about its use or functioning. We hope we can help answer all of your queries via our handy FAQ below; however, should you require any additional information, not in our faq or Product Pages or feel free to email or call us anytime with your queries.

Yes. With BagEZ, we stand by our product and offer a full 30-day replacement warranty. Rest assured, you can contact us anytime with queries regarding your purchase, and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can. Please read other relevant Faq.

BagEZ is an easy-to-use product that’s extremely durable and made to last. Your lost fasteners only can easily be purchased and is available via our E-commerce page . Continue reading faq

Yes. We’ve designed BagEZ to be extremely versatile and easy to use. When one bag is full, pull off the fasteners, releasing the bag from your BagEZ unit. Let the bag drop to the bottom of your bin, seal it, and add a new bag. BagEZ allows you to keep using your waste container without losing its holding capacity. Please read other relevant Faq

Replacing bags is super convenient. When your current bag is full, detach it from your BagEZ unit by pulling off the four (4) fasteners, which secure your bag to the frame. Let the bag hang while releasing the fasteners; do not hold the bag. Your bag will drop to the bottom of your bin and seal it to avoid any material and odors escaping. There are 4 Types of Bag closing options available: Drawstring, Flap, Handle twisty Ties. BagEZ works with them all.BagEZ faq Instruction guide how to free and replace trash bags  Replace the bag with a new one exactly as you attached the first bag, and you’re all set. You can continue doing this with Bagez until your bin’s capacity is reached.
BagEZ is great for people suffering from pain or injury because heavy bags secured in your bins never have to be lifted and moved, saving you from any chance of a random injury. You also avoid any chance of bag rips or tears, which creates an additional nasty clean-up job. Please read other relevant Faq.

When your bin has reached capacity, unhook and store your BagEZ unit for the next use, seal the last bag, shut the bin’s lid, and position the bin for pick up. Each BagEZ unit can be used till your bin has reached its maximum capacity and then folded and put away to be used again. Please read other relevant Faq.

Yes, BagEZ was mainly designed to fit and secure ordinary, regular-sized bin liners in large wheelie bins of different sizes.

The bin opening size and the bag size now finally do not matter. BagEZ firmly holds any size bag for use and replacement upon reaching capacity directly in your bin.

Now, by doing this, BagEZ eliminates two problems for you. Firstly, finding cost-effective bags to fit your bins that comply with regulations and restriction sizes but also reduce the lifting and movement of garbage bags from one (1) bin to another, which is a struggle and painful for some to perform and or leads to bag rips and leaks requiring additional cleaning.

We always recommend using the right type of bags per your local regulations and laws to ensure you’re doing your bit for the environment.
BagEZ comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large, to best suit your bin and needs. These three sizes allow you to secure bags ranging from 8 gallons (30 liters) upwards. Please read the other relevant FAQ.

BagEZ is created to be extremely sturdy and durable while still remaining versatile. Fashioned from steel and recycled plastic (frame and fasteners), it is designed and constructed to resist deformation. The BagEZ frame can be bent, but the force required to do so would be immense. The frame has been tested and can withstand a force of 40 pounds.

BagEZ’s protective weather-resistant coating will offer years of service with minor washing maintenance, allowing you to conveniently turn your bags into bins and secure them to dispose of your waste easily and stress-free anywhere. Please read other relevant Faq

Bagez is designed for use with various sizes and types of garbage bags. Now, you can freely use and fit any bag in your bin, regardless of the bag or bin size. Bagez comes in three (3) sizes, small, medium, and large, allowing you to fit the bag size that suits your needs.
Bagez small unit secures bags starting from 8-gallon (30 liters) range onward. The medium and large units allow the use of larger volume bags that would not fit your bin to now be easily used to make disposing of waste easy and mess hassle-free. Bagez can even be used with mesh bags, which we recommend using when fishing to keep the catch alive until you reach the shore or port. Bagez also supports various larger kitchen liners and trash bags and can be partnered with tie-up and drawstring bags as well. Compostable, Biodegradable, plastic, nets, mesh bags, and even fine cloth can be easily secured. If it is a garbage bag or can be used in a similar manner, Bagez will secure it for you. Please read other relevant Faq.

This we consider the most important FAQ question. By using BagEZ, you can discard food waste or organic matter that may cause unpleasant odors, such as seafood, directly into the bag attached to your unit inside the wheelie bin outdoors. Some people usually have an extra storage bin in the garage for convenience, frequently emptying by lifting the bag and dragging it to the wheelie bin before rolling it to the curb for disposal. BagEZ eliminates the need for this secondary bin in the garage as it performs the same function of storing and holding a garbage bag only more efficiently and not within the home area. Odors build inside sealed homes and garages; the Bagez solution thereby helps you avoid smelly garbage from creating a stench in the home. BagEZ also eliminates food matter from sticking to the walls of your bin, which causes foul odors when they begin to decompose, freeing you from having to perform frequent bin washing. Please read other relevant Faq.

Bagez is extremely versatile, and although it is primarily designed to secure waste in outdoor wheelie bins, Bagez can also be used in a large variety of bins such as the circular/ square indoor/outdoor with lid bins, where the edge is defined and narrow to allow an easy rest for the unit. This allows you to choose once again the trash bags (8 gallons and up) that you want to use to be firmly secured in your bin in the upright position rather than be forced to use the larger bags that must go over the edge of the bin to prevent bag slippage and prevent your waste from messing up your bin. Please read other relevant Faq

BagEZ fits in a variety of commonly found home trash cans

Bagez is exceptionally sturdy and designed for daily use. with a simple twist, Bagez can be folded and tucked away, occupying a minimal amount of space (almost the size of a clothes hanger), allowing it to be conveniently carried along anywhere – for picnics, on fishing trips or any other outdoor activities like Barbecues and more. Please read other relevant Faq.

⦁ That is a great FAQ question. We’ve designed Bagez to help you conserve space and reduce your stress when it comes to waste management, all while helping you protect the environment. But we’ve also created this product to help you save money in various ways: –
⦁ Bagez reduces the number of bin liners/ plastic bags you normally use and the money you spend on them. Here’s how:-
A regular household ( 3-4 persons) uses 4 single-use plastic/ grocery bags weekly to dispose of organic waste.
⦁ @ $0.05 a bag x 4 bags a week x 52 weeks = $10.40 per year
But 1 single 8-9 gallon bag ( 34 liters) can easily support the organic waste of this household. With Bagez, which supports up to 8-9 gallons of kitchen liners for the organic bin (green), usage reduces to Just 52 bags a year ( 1 per week).
⦁ @ $0.07 x 52 weeks = $3.64 per year
So, Bagez saves you $6.76 annually and helps you save the environment.
Other site’s FAQ and Studies also show on average, bags used to line indoor/circular bins are sealed and disposed of when they reach about 80% capacity; this results in approx gallons, which is equal to a whole cabinet kitchen liner bag being disposed of every time a load is disposed, this equals to $14 + per year of money throw away besides the impact to the environment, a problem Bagez quickly solves, resulting in more efficient and cost-effective use of bags, besides the reduced plastic environmental advantage.
⦁ Bagez is versatile enough for all-size garbage bags, so you don’t need to purchase larger, more expensive bags for larger bins. To illustrate this faq:-
One of the primary reasons people spend more on garbage bags is that they’re less likely to tear/rip while lifting them due to the weight of organic waste and the size of the bags. It also prevents them from utilizing the bags to their full capacity for the same reasons, causing the use of multiple bags.
⦁ These large, expensive 47-gallon bags ( 178 L) cost $9.97 (pack of 20).
$0.49 (per bag) x 2 bags per week (average) x 26 weeks (Bi-weekly pick up) = $25.48 per year
Now, consider opting for slightly cheaper quality bags or smaller bags, as in the examples below, calculated for an average household of 3-4 persons.
⦁ Sample A 47 gallon ( 178 L) 40 pack @ $9.97

$0.24 (per bag) x 2 bags per week (average) x 26 weeks (Bi-weekly pick up) = $12.48 per year
⦁ Sample B 20 gallon ( 75 L) 100 pack @ $9.97

$0.09 (per bag) x 5 (average) x 26 weeks (Bi-weekly pick up) = $11.7 per year
Bagez supports multiple bag sizes and eliminates the worry of bag splits/ rips, as it doesn’t require lifting the bags outside the bin. This enables you to save money by choosing large, inexpensive bags (Sample A) or smaller bags (Sample B)
Aside from this, Bagez also allows you to use each bag to its maximum capacity, effectively giving you more gallon space. Using the above examples, you could end up with 6 extra gallons (Sample B) and spend only $11.7 a year, a $13.78 savings, or save $13 (Sample A) on the larger, more affordable option without worry.
⦁ It saves you cleaning costs by companies that normally charge between $100-$400, depending on the number of bins you have or how often you have cleaned. You can also discard your trash from other indoor bins directly into Bagez, thereby saving the number of bags purchased for smaller in-home cans and bins.

⦁ Bagez also helps you save money on exterminator fees to rid yourself of vermin, pests, and animals attracted to food waste caused by leakages in your bin, bag splits, and spills. These critters not only cause disease but also, sometimes, thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. Continue reading faq.

While Bagez is designed to be versatile and used with almost all-size trash bags, it can also be used with almost all outdoor residential trash cans. Now, you don’t have to worry if the bag is the right size for your bin or vice versa. Bagez is the garbage bag holder that works with all wheelie bins and cart sizes. Few cart sizes are commonly used – 26,32, 65, and 95 gallons. (80, 120, 240, and 360 Liters)
Bagez sets up in seconds; all you have to do is place it in position, secure the bag to the frame using the supplied fasteners, and start using it. It can also be quickly and easily folded away and carried along for use anywhere else.
Besides having the convenience of simply being placed into position, no modifications are required to set it up. On garbage collection day, remove Bagez by lifting the fasteners, sealing your last bag, and pushing the bin to the curb to wait for pickup. That’s it. Continue reading faq

Bagez is constructed of steel and recycled plastic, with a durable coating designed to withstand all weather conditions, be it rain, snow, or extreme cold; BagEZ will endure, ensuring your waste is secured and well managed without any hassles and your home is free from a mess, pests or nasty odors. Bagez is at home at the beach and even in water; give it a regular wash-off with fresh water. Please read other relevant Faq

BagEZ has an easy-to-use design that can be set up in seconds.
⦁ Step 1 – Unfold your BagEZ unit and hold the extended frame from the grip brackets on the extruding arms. Place the grip sections on opposite sides of the raised edges of the open bin.
⦁ Step 2 – When the frame is sitting, add the garbage bag by placing it into the frame and neatly pulling over the edges of the bag over the frame, from inside to out.
⦁ Step 3 – Position and press the four ( 4) fasteners provided over the bag and frame at the corners to fasten the bag to the frame. It’s easy: Your bag is ready to use, and the more waste disposed, the firmer your BagEZ unit gets.
⦁ When each bag is full, unfasten it by pulling off the fasteners. Do not hold the bag; as you fill off all the pins, the bag will fall to the bottom of your bin. Seal it off, and repeat the steps with a new bag. It’s that simple. Please read other relevant Faq.

Everyone wants to save or do their part to save the environment, but most people do not have the time, energy, or drive to do the work it takes. The struggle and pain to properly separate waste, it seems, is only for a few. The rest of us go about our lives, disposing of waste as if it will all magically get sorted out. A simple chore such as cleaning a nasty bin puts off most people, to where they stop using their bins at all or even efficiently.

That’s one of the primary reasons Bagez exists. Bagez helps reduce, if not eliminate, various blocks or yuck factors that stop people from using their bins as required. Bagez offers consumers a simple method of reducing the amount of shopping plastic bags and food waste from going into landfills or the waste stream while giving you clear and direct advantages.

In terms of plastics going into landfills, every small change creates a big difference to the environment. By discarding your waste directly into the BagEZ-supported bag, you can reduce the amount of plastic bags used while using bags that are easier to recycle or compost. Separating organic matter is vital to prevent green house gases, Bagez makes it easy, mess and hassle free to separate waste, leaving no excuses not to do the right thing. When frequently washing bins, the nasty contaminated water usually ends up in the drain system, causing further pollution.
Reducing our Carbon Footprint should be the responsibility of every human being, and Bagez aims to help you make a small but vital contribution to the cause while making your chores easier.

Here are some frightening statistics –

⦁ Roughly 45% of all landfills in North America and Canada account for food and food containers, with the average family using about 1500 bags per year.
⦁ Scientists estimate that every square mile of ocean contains about 46,000 pieces of floating plastic (https://www.niftyhomestead.com/blog/plastic-bag-stats/)
⦁ At least 267 different species are known to have suffered from entanglement or ingestion of plastic marine debris. 
⦁ The amount of petroleum used to make a plastic bag would drive a car about 115 meters, while it would take only 14 plastic bags to drive one mile! 
⦁ Each year, 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide. That’s nearly two million plastic bags per minute. 
⦁ There is now six times more plastic debris in parts of the North Pacific Ocean than zooplankton. Continue reading faq

These consumption rates are an average based on faq of waste consumption and trash can cleaning services. People, on average, use about 100 liters of water washing a single bin. Bin Cleaning services use about 4 liters. Outdoor trash bags are thicker and are tested to resist leaks and tears, and Bagez firmly secures these bags for your use. So now everything you throw in never touches your bins. Your sealed bag full of waste is taken away on collection day, leaving you with a fresh bin every week. No messy cleaning on the driveway or garden. No dirty water gets into the stormwater drainage system, and no water is used for washing. This saves money and water. Continue reading faq

Bagez is designed to be a holistic method for managing home waste. It helps you maintain and improve sanitary conditions in your home.
You may use an extra garbage can inside your garage for easy access to dispose of your household waste. Disposal of any organic waste in your trash can causes odors. This can even be food particles stuck to their packing. Pests looking for a food source are attracted to this smell. Problems such as mice and rodents also seek shelter. Once these critters and pests get into your home, mark it as a source of food and shelter, and count on their numbers increasing.
This situation can soon become highly problematic, especially if there are young children around, as these creatures frequently carry and cause dangerous diseases. Pests entering your home can quickly and easily become a nuisance. Foul odors and flies inside your home can become a regular issue once they get inside the walls, and it can lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs and even lower the value of your home. Check property value faq. 
A well-known fact most exterminators, websites, and waste management experts will tell you is never to keep organic waste in your garage. Remove any food source that will incentivize pests to enter your home.

People use additional cans because finding cost-effective bags to line your large wheelie bins is impossible.

You may say it’s convenient to have the bin close by, but then you have stinky nasty bins caused by smelly food waste such as seafood shells that create flies in the garage. To avoid the smell in your garage can, you may dispose of stinky waste directly in your city wheelie bin. Single-use plastic bags frequently used to contain this smelly waste often leak, and deposits build up and emit odors over time. These odors are like candy to pests such as mice, raccoons, and bears and can attract them from miles away, and they do leave behind a nasty mess for you to clean up after they are finished.
Bin enclosures are great for keeping the bigger critters from getting to your bin, leaving you with only the dirty, smelly bin problem.

You may frequently wash your container to avoid the stench and maggots, especially in summer.
Bagez firmly secures your bags in wheelie bins and regular containers, which should be positioned outside the home.
Lining your bins removes various problems for you: the odor or food source for pests and rodents flies buzzing over the container and garage, hiding spots for these critters, and any chance of bag rips or liquids leaking when pulling out the bags from your additional trash can that can cause a smell. You can free up your garage by removing the bin, leaving more room to maneuver without brushing into cars.
Bagez is designed to make regular-sized bags fit your larger bins. Now, your bins can be lined so no waste matter touches your container’s walls. When your waste is collected, everything you put in, an all-natural process happens right in the bag, and the bag gets taken away, leaving you with a clean, fresh bin to start with every time. Free from any odors emitting matter that attracts pests and rodents
Washing bins to avoid smells and nastiness from building up not only deposits rotting waste that attracts pests but also generates dirty water that can run off on the lawn or back into the system, which may cause additional pollution or health issues. It is also illegal in some areas. Continue reading faq

⦁ By using Bagez, you continue to get the convenience of having your garbage bag for trash as required, except outside your home and directly inside your wheelie or garbage bin. By having all your garbage outside your home, you avoid bad smells, bugs, pests, vermin, and other animals attracted by the scent of your waste, marking your home as a source of food and shelter. They can be a source of infection and quickly cause a build-up of unhygienic conditions from having waste kept in a bin in the garage. Flies buzzing over the container in your garage often enter the house when the door opens.
Bagez secures your garbage bag so that when depositing trash daily, there is no contact between your bin wall and the garbage. This helps keep all sorts of household waste matter off your bin, keeping it clean and not causing unhygienic conditions and smells that may attract these pests.
Since it is outdoors, the wind also takes away any odors.
Because of this, pests and bugs that spread disease (which accounts for one of the top six reasons for infections around homes in North America and Canada) can be drastically reduced. C.ontinue reading faq

⦁ Designed to be versatile for home waste management, Bagez can also be used for various other purposes. Here are some of the added advantages and additional uses you can get with your Bagez unit:-

⦁ Easy storage – Bagez’s light, compact design makes it easy to fold and store away, making it an excellent tool for camping, picnics, beach outings, and outdoor getaways.

⦁ Outdoor parties and gatherings – Bagez makes cleanups easy, fast, and convenient at parties, BBQ cookouts, luncheons, and most outdoor functions. You can dispose of all waste directly into your bin bag secured to a Bagez unit. Just set it up with a clean bag inside a bin and start adding your waste. This allows the bag to be used to its maximum capacity, creating no wasted space. There is also no need to lift or move the bags into the city bin as needed for pick-up, saving you from having a messy clean-up in case of bag leaks or rips. Just seal and drop the last bag into the bin, pop your Bagez unit out, and you’re done.

⦁ It’s a one-person job now – With a Bagez unit, you won’t need a second person around to hold a bag open while you fill it with waste or whatever you choose to store inside. It can easily be tied to a branch at campsites or outdoor areas that don’t have bins or clamped to something to hold the bag in place while it’s filled.

⦁ Water Conservation – Bagez can also be used for rainwater harvesting. You can collect a large volume of rainwater for various uses by setting up multiple open units outdoors with bags attached.

⦁ For Camping – Bagez can be pretty handy for storing waste while camping and keeping it off the ground and away from animals. By attaching a bag and hanging or clamping the unit to a raised branch, waste can conveniently be stored away, out of the reach of animals.

⦁ For the active outdoor sports person – We designed Bagez to be more than just a home waste management solution; adventure enthusiasts can use each unit for hunting, fishing, and other such outdoor activities and situations.

⦁ For hunters – Field dressing, bagging, and storing game can be a one-person job with Bagez. Fine, breathable material can easily be secured to aid in the bagging process.

⦁ Fishing – Using a mesh bag or net as a bag and attaching it to your Bagez unit positioned at the side of your boat can be a great way to store fish caught while keeping them alive till you reach the shore. It can later be used to put away the scraps, scales, bones, and guts of your day’s catch.
However, be aware of your area’s natural wildlife, as a minor catch might draw the attention of larger predators. In these cases, we recommend using closed bags. Also, remember that these bags over the side might cause your craft some drag. We suggest taking your Bagez unit out of the water when moving.

Road trips – Bagez makes cleanups simple and indispensable when traveling with minors who fall sick. Clamp Bagez with a bag attached to your lowered automotive window and easily clean away. Heavy winds make managing loads difficult, especially when your other hand holds soiled tissues. Still, by using Bagez, you get a no-problem, quick, easy solution to keep waste, so you can carry on with your journey quickly while leaving no trace of your trash in the environment.

⦁ In the garden – Bagez can also assist when doing yard work. Backyard chores, raking and gathering leaves, quickly storing compost materials, or just while you’re working on your garden. Again, bagging anything becomes an easy one-person job simply by tying it up or attaching it to various objects. Bagez holds and secures your bag open for you to use.

⦁ Winter benefits – Bagez is particularly handy during winter:-
Between unseemly indoor garbage cans that create odors and occupy space, squeezing through a garage can be complex, often leading to unnecessary wear, tear, and grime from our thick winter garments. Thus, with the convenience of Bagez, you’ll no longer need to keep that extra bin indoors, leaving you with plenty of room to move around your uncluttered and cleaner garage space.
Winter also brings the dangers of bag splits or tears, as liquids in the bags may freeze and cause them to rip when lifted out. With Bagez, you no longer need to clear these bags from your bin.
While it has several additional uses, Bagez is the perfect solution for dealing with household trash. It allows you to keep your home sanitary while keeping the pests, bugs, and vermin from creating a nuisance or spreading infections to your loved ones.
Bagez can easily be set up to hang, be balanced, or be positioned to work without a bin to secure and support garbage or similar bags so that they can be used in many everyday situations. Each unit helps create a place to safely and quickly dispose of trash, store items, and seal full bags without ever having to think about cleanliness or hygiene issues when dealing with garbage.

T-shirt textile upcycling idea turn into shopping bag BagEZ

Textile Repurposing- keeping old discarded clothes out of landfills and reducing plastic shopping bag use- has come under focus. Bagez helps in the fight against these two substantial global issues. Turn your cool, funky T-shirts into shopping/grocery bags. In under 2 minutes, with a few rubber bands or string, they firmly secure and hold heavy items up to 22 lbs (10 kgs), way more than any shopping plastic bag can, and they help reduce plastic bag use. Continue reading faq

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