Combat climate change with easy solutions

Are we ready to combat climate change?

We Need To Combat Climate Change With Easy Solutions, & educational and green products because, if the recent trends are anything to go by, GHG emissions have risen by over 2% in the last few years. The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) states that if we are to stop the earth’s temperature from rising rapidly, we will have to bring our net GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions down to zero by 2050. The latest reports state even worse outcomes, giving us 150 years before significant climate change.

Why do we need Climate Change Solutions?

Transport, agriculture, and manufacturing are just a few of the significant contributors to emissions. Residential waste is also a huge contributor, and faulty, irresponsible waste management and a disposable lifestyle have set a vicious cycle in motion:

  • What happens to household waste?
  • Audits show that about 30% -40 % of garbage bag materials are organic, which should have gone into the green bin. When mixed with recyclable materials, organics contaminate the entire lot, rendering it garbage.
  • With its organic waste content, this garbage would end up in a landfill or an incinerator. In landfills, it decomposes to produce methane, an extremely potent greenhouse gas. Landfills contribute to around 20% of GHG emissions in Canada.

  • Organic waste occupies space and reduces landfill capacity. This causes landfills to reach capacity earlier and then requires the sourcing of additional landfills, which is expensive and challenging due to many restrictions and obstacles.

  • On the other hand, if the organic waste ends up in an incinerator, it directly produces carbon dioxide via combustion.

  • New technologies have been able to capture emissions from landfills and incineration better. 

  • If organic matter is placed in the green bin, tremendous resources can be saved. It can produce electricity, fertilizers, biogas, and more.

  • Improved organic diversion immediately enhances the rate of uncontaminated recyclable material. Lower contaminant-free material produces better-quality raw material that is regenerated into new products. Recycled materials require less energy to remake into newer products and thus cause fewer emissions.

  • Recycling can also help create jobs. For every 1000-ton increase in capture rates, seven new jobs are created in the recycling industry, fueling a green economy.

  • Some waste facilities still use old technology and have not been upgraded—the struggle to effectively separate the different types and colors of materials does not help the recycling process. A product may be recyclable, but because older technologies fail to identify these products correctly, they get diverted to landfills. The cost, rather than what is required to be done, is the driving force, and it does not set a good example. Governments did not blame themselves for not forecasting problems and addressing them.

  • Waste is frequently exported, creating additional emissions. The waste most often ends up in dumpsites or landfills in other countries.

    What can we do to combat climate change?

    Fossil fuels are the most significant contributor to climate change, but until new clean energy sources are discovered, they will make the world go round. Until then, we need to Combat Climate Change With Easy Solutions because if a system is complicated, simply put,” it won’t be used. “

    Reasons for climate changeNow more than ever, we focus on waste diversion and recycling, to lower our carbon footprint, but waste still gets mixed. Single-use plastic (check-out/ grocery) bags are still used to line bins. The bags constantly rip, spreading the contents in the bin. This organic matter contaminates materials on contact.

    Combat climate change Solution.


    To Combat Climate Change With Easy Solutions, we have to work together. Use every tip, trick, tool, and mechanism available to help improve flawed waste management practices.

    Changing our habits, adopting green alternatives and innovative products, and building campaigns to increase awareness and knowledge are vital. Facilities MUST also be upgraded to keep up with the complexities of modern packaging and the latest equipment. Budgets must be allocated to ensure that the efforts made by residents to separate and divert waste are not undone at facilities due to cost and equipment restraints.

    New Food Waste Regulations

    New enforcement rules to curb residential bad practices are heading our way, such as:

    • Fines & Stricter penalties

    • Increased cost for bag tags

    • Uncollected, improperly sorted waste

    Bylaws and fines for improper waste disposal

Organics being mixed and disposed of with other materials is inexcusable, but it is happening on a large scale. Natural aversions to yucky or icky sights and smells make us want to rid our minds of waste quickly and efficiently.

Why Does Improper Waste Sorting Occur?

Most improper separating happens due to confusing product packaging, our throwaway culture, and busy lifestyles. We deal with dirty bins that reek and are very nasty and messy, forcing us to frequently wash them out, stop using them correctly, or cease using them altogether. This is another reason we must Combat Climate Change with Easy Solutions.

We cannot be perfect. For some reason, 100% diversion may never be achieved.

why waste home contamination of waste happens

Why do some people consciously not make any effort?

  • I pay taxes. The government must solve it.

  • I have more significant issues to deal with

  • It is going to cost me time and money

  • I wouldn’t say I like the smell and cleaning bins

  • They attract pests and rodents

  • Global warming is a HOAX!!

Climate Deniers

Skeptics state these reports are a hoax propagated by fear-mongers seeking to monetize the situation. The simple truth is that many conflicting studies and findings exist. This does not alter the fact that separating organics is good for the environment. Landfills are very difficult and expensive to source as there are many restrictions and obstacles to overcome besides the time to prepare the site. Diverted organic matter increases the space and the lifespan of landfills.

How is BagEZ a climate change solution

BagEZ immediately increases the capture rate of recycled materials uncontaminated with biomatter when separation occurs. Hoa or not, organic diversion also helps control the plastic pollution issue. There will always be a reason to make things easier, and here again, we need to combat climate change with easy solutions.

Combat climate change to avert Natural Disasters.

Natural disasters are frequently increasing, and the devastation is life-altering for many; believe it or not, you are involved because we live under the same sky. What happens to me happens to you. Taking a few minutes to save yourself from future hardships seems logical.

You may still say, “It’s too nasty!”

But what if you had the help to do the right thing? What if there was a way to clean your bins without any Hassle or Work? Would it be convenient for you to be left with a clean container whenever your trash is collected? Imposing this would improve hygiene, save money, and simplify managing waste.

Would You start fighting climate change?

The easier we make it for you to manage waste by eliminating the nasty, stinky problems you deal with, the easier it is for you to do your part. So e, look for the easiest, super simple tools that enable you to do your part.

In your home, almost every bin is probably lined with some material, plastic bags being the most common. They are convenient and help dispose of waste. 

Kitchen bins are convenient and cause most improper sorting because they provide quick out-of-sight disposal.
Food waste and wrappings, among other small items, are constantly mixed in your kitchen bin. At t, Imes, you line your containers with two (2) bags to avoid leaks from messing up the kitchen bins because the bags are very thin. When you throw bags in your Wheelie or large main bin, they constantly rip and leak, completely messing up your container. Most places charge about per bag if they do not hand them out freely. This is money lost and an environmental problem.plastic checkout grocery bag

This does little to keep your city bins clean and save you from the regular inconvenience of washing your containers or paying to have them done. You can find a trash can cleaning service, but it is seasonal and expensive.

The convenience of trash cans

The large Wheelie City bins are another story. They are trying bags that fit the large 65-95 gallon bin and can expand. I have yet to find them in-store and online; they cost a fortune. They are primarily used in commercial applications because local size restrictions allow bags to weigh 20 kilograms (44 pounds), and they dispose of loads before reaching their full potential. But the advantage of using bin liners makes life super easy.

Paper Bags

As substitute paper bags, green alternatives and other methods are widely used. Pap r bags are known to get soggy at the bottom and break. Rai water damages paper bags. Natural plans leave your bins slightly dirty, and you must occasionally wash out the invasion. This must be performed on your lawn or a gravel section because regulations are not hazardous to enter the sewer system as it contaminates water bodies.

These issues made us look for a hassle-free, greener alternative; here it is!

BagEZ is a super simple, easy-to-use bag organizer. It can hold any size bag and fit it in your Bins.

BagEZ is your 1-minute solution to CLEAN bins.

BagEZ eliminates the nastiness for you; it makes managing your waste quick, easy, and hassle-free. It works by firmly securing and fitting any size garbage or compostable bags you have, wide open and ready to use in your bin.

Your waste does not touch your bin, so keep it clean. All the rubbish you put in stays and breaks down in the bag. On collection day, take off and store BagEZ, seal the bag, and get a fresh, shiny, clean bin when everything gets picked up.

 BagEZ in 96 gallon garbage can securing bag

Grocery Bags

When shopping, I can NEVER find bags that fit my large bin. It. Keeping them clean would be super easy and a piece of cake.

No, with BagEZ, you can use the bag size that works for you, and it is held securely, ready to hold your waste. Use a bag you are familiar with to ensure that your bag can hold its contents without tearing. This allows you to choose the bag size you want to use. You could line a 95-gallon bin with a 35-gallon bag.

All you need is a quality bag, and BagEZ does the rest. Always use the correct type of bag for your bin to avoid fines and to help save the planet.

How to use bagez
Inside view of how bagez allows you to use any bag to line your bin

How does BagEZ help combat climate change?

To Combat Climate Change With Easy Solutions, here’s a great tip. Kee a separate kitchen bin lined with paper or nothing for organics. Plastic bags can be used, but we recommend reusing them multiple times and washing them before disposing them correctly. Empty your kitchen bin’s contents directly in your bag secured by your BagEZ holder. This way, you use one (1) pack to hold all your organics rather than multiple smaller bags. Sep-rating waste means organic matter contaminates recyclable materials or ends up in landfills where it causes GHG. But instead, it gets diverted towards resources. The diversion helps lower GHG emissions and reduce plastic bag use.

How BagEZ Make It Easier For You?

Everything you do stays the same. Your BagEZ Holder takes about a minute or less to set up. Your bag can be secured in or out of the bin. Some have found it easier to set up before. If your bin lid positions the arms to grip the raised edges, you are ready to use your bin. Just lift the lid, DROP your waste, and Shut your lid. It’s that simple! (Se  3-sec Video)How to separate waste & keep bins clean Any garbage bag would be suitable and easily fit you regardless of less of the size, capacity, or dimensions.

  • Secure or release and change bags as needed.

  • Never lift heavy bags, as they are already in the bin.

  • Reduce the hassle of washing dirty garbage bins frequently.

  • Save money by fitting any regular bags and using them more effectively to attain maximum capacity.

  • Replace full bags as needed with new backpacks; this allows multiple loads to be in your bin precisely as they are now. No ifference!

  • Remove dirty bins to improve hygiene around your home. Dirty containers attract rodents and pests because they harbor infection and disease.

  • Utilize BagEZ for multiple purposes like securing the fish caught, composting, and conserving water. Bag Z keeps the mouth of your bag open and ready to use where you would like. Des and to be easily secured, compact, and versatile, along with superb build quality, makes it the wisest few bucks ever spent.

Be good to the environment.

Do not participate in reckless waste management, which can increase greenhouse gases to alarming levels. The least you can do is play your part responsibly, and BagEZ will do the rest.

After all, the war against global warming has just begun. Suppose we want our children to inherit a habitable planet. In that case, we need to be climate soldiers ourselves, and BagEZ is the most accessible tool or device to Combat Climate Change With Easy Solutions.


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