Car Trash Can Buyers Guide

How To Choose A Car Trash Can: Best Tips

A car trash can prevents a mess & litter from being created in our vehicles. It also prevents us from hugging our car trash to take it to a bin. When traveling with friends, family, and children, consuming food & liquids is natural. Wrappers & disposable drink containers create trash that needs managing.

Numerous car trash bags are available. When we consider buying an automobile garbage can, we want the best car waste basket, and its features are what we are purchasing.

What do we look For in a Car Trash Can?

  1. A functioning holder to contain all waste types
  2. Waterproof/leakproof to restrain liquids 
  3. Durability & quality
  4. Container size
  5. Appearance     
  6. Price

Let’s look at how these features are essential to our buying decision.

A functioning car trash can.

functional & versatileWe may be alone or with others. We want a car trash bag Holder that fits just about anywhere in the vehicle, within arms reach, for effortless waste disposal.

A container that attaches to the dashboard, the glove box, or hanging off the headrest of your car seat fits that description. 

A car waste basket must be simple to use when in motion. Opening a flap or lid to dispose of waste must be easy, or it may pose a risk. Any struggle can lead to a distraction that can have severe consequences.


Supplementary Must-Have Car Trash Can Functions.

Each vehicle is different; some have limited space. Often, when on family day trips, packing up the car with food and gear to use at the beach, the park, or a picnic with friends and family takes up space. You will want a multi-purpose car trash can that is capable and large enough to hold your family’s waste at a tailgate event, food festival, or party.


A waterproof & Leakproof Liner to contain disposed-of liquids.

leakproof systemUsed liquid containers and cans can release their remaining contents, which can stain and cause a sticky mess on a car seat, the floors, and car mats. (Stains on a car seat will lower the .automobile’s resale value) To avoid problems, a car trash bag holder must be both waterproof and leakproof.

Liquids and food waste will mess up the interior of the car trash can. The inlay or hidden inside seams of a waterproof and leakproof car trash bag also catch debris and make proper cleaning tricky. Many manufacturers recommend using a plastic bag to line your automobile bin.


Why Do We Use A Bin Liner?

  1. A plastic bag keeps car trash cans clean without any work.
  2. Dispose of waste without unstrapping or removing the refuse container.

Durability & Quality

Trash cans can get dirty fast. Food and liquid stains require cleaning, often with harsh chemical products. A car trash bin made from quality material is reusable and can last years, even with rough use and cleaning.

When we find a product we like, we want it to last forever, mainly because it solves a problem. The best car trash bag holder maintains its look and function.

A good quality vehicle wastebasket is essential. Quality is our trust in the product to stand behind its statements. A leakproof container prevents costly damage to our vehicle interior that can occur. 

Container Size

size mattersThe size or holding capacity of the car waste basket you choose is essential. It must first fit in your vehicle without becoming an obstruction.

If you shuttle kids or teenagers who regularly snack & drink in the car, you may need a larger container or empty it frequently. At a picnic or when camping, your car trash can also be able to serve you in managing waste. How often have you taken a garbage bag to a breeze, even if you have a Car waste basket


car trash can, wastebasket, or holder comes in many shapes, sizes & colors to match your need and fit into your automobile’s interior, from a car, SUV, pickup truck, or RV. 

Some have flaps, Lids, and pockets to organize items in your vehicle. There are designs for men & women, too. The choices are endless.


Price VS Features- The Car Trash Can Dilemma

child shocked happyPrices for car trash holders range from under $10 to over $20. Within this price range, you can acquire a variety of standard to premium-quality waste containers. A holder with a water, Leak, or spill-proof system is an intelligent choice if you have kids.

Holders with lids keep odors and trash out on bumpy roads. This is a good feature if you are off-roading or getting to a campsite. A Velcro strap on the lid makes opening and closing effortless. 

A firm mounting mechanism holds your waste container in place. Some premium bags have a velcro bottom to hold your bag in place. The velcro prevents it from falling over and spilling trash when the vehicle moves and sways.

Holders with pockets allow an automobile bin to multi-function as a car organizer, holding water bottles, pens, and more, keeping your automobile neat and clean. Most holders are durable & aesthetically pleasing.

Car Trash Can Pros & Cons



Universally fit
Stays in position
Leak & Waterproof
Sealable or has a Lid
Easy to use
Side pockets
Easy installation
Placement options
Velcro bottom
Material Quality
Compact Size
Easy to clean
Design & color
The lining isn’t removable
No disposable lining  
Hard to clean  
Cheap Quality  
Difficult to use
No lid
No headrest strap
Small container size


DIY Cost-effective car trash can options

diy car waste option grocery bagWe have all used plastic bags to hold trash in the car, and guess what? Even the manufacturers of fancy, high-quality auto waste bins recommend bag usage. Garbage bags or grocery bags are a great DIY car trash bag alternative. They sure don’t look fancy or have any gimmick features, but they get the job done and are cheap and ultra-convenient.

When using a grocery bag or a small garbage bag, any struggle to open it to dispose of waste is a distraction and can pose a risk when the car is in motion. Bags may fly away or sway if you drive with the windows down.


A Functional New Solution For All Your Needs.

BagEZ Small garbage bag holders give you the features of traditional vehicle bins but with greater versatility.

Diy trash can holderYou can use any bag you want. Place it just about anywhere: the glovebox, the side of the front seat, or hanging off the seat headrest. Hang it in the boot, or use the bag to hold nuts, bolts, and tools under the hood when servicing your car or off the window when hanging with friends outside.

Simply substituting a plastic checkout bag with a trash bag allows you to change the holding capacity according to your needs. This is great for picnics, camping, and tailgating events.

BagEZ Small tucks away easily between sets, unlike the box-shaped waste bins. If you suddenly have passengers and the container gets in the way, it’s a multifunctional tool you should consider.

We hope this article helped you decide which automobile garbage container would work best for you.

If you have a suggestion or advice, please message us; we’d love to hear from you 🙂




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