About Us


Sometimes something as mundane as a simple chore like taking out the trash can become cumbersome. From how hygienic the bin is or how our trash is affecting the environment and how to keep those pesky rodents, maggots and bugs away all add up to a stressful situation.

We wanted to make managing trash hassle-free and easier so everyone, can help divert organic waste from landfills and that’s how Bagez was conceptualised.

To create a simple solution for everyone when it comes to managing their home waste, while simultaneously helping the community reduce its carbon footprint, Bagez was designed to be the one-stop, easy-to-use solution.


Bagez is a family owned and operated business set up in 2017 in Brampton, Toronto.

We work with various experts in metallurgy, eco-friendly plastics and fabricators to deliver innovative world-class products in home waste management. Using new-age technology, we help build awareness through today’s ever-changing platforms to connect with our valued customers.

Bagez is patent-pending and the world’s 1st garbage bag holder designed for wheelie or garbage bins. The founder, Sean Rana, worked every angle to create a durable, versatile and highly efficient product. From major market research and consultation with experts in the field of waste management, Sean’s concept creates a perfect solution to combat household garbage management while reducing the impact on the environment.


Our 4R principle – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recover – helps us stay on point delivering robust products ensuring customer loyalty and satisfaction.


As a tool, Bagez assists with the reduction in use of small plastic bags for wet or organics disposal keeping millions of bags out of landfills. Our product is designed to help simplify and reduce efforts in basic home waste management.


Using larger garbage bags instead of multiple smaller ones enables easier recycling of trash. This is also advantageous when it comes to lowering the cost of environmental resources and creating jobs since the recycling industry creates more jobs than disposal – approximately 7 jobs for every tonne of recyclable material.


  • Instead of multiple liners, Bagez allows you to use a single plastic bag multiple times thereby reducing your carbon footprint. (1 plastic bag = 33 grams of CO2 to manufacture)
  • Bagez is also a durable product allowing it to conveniently be put it away when not in use or transported to be reused with all bags or bin sizes anywhere.


By helping you reduce the need for using plastic bags, Bagez strengthens programs like plastic bag recovery initiatives. It enables better segregation of garbage thus preventing organics and recyclable materials from being sent to landfills and directs them toward resources where the can be recycled.


To ensure that every household is unburdened from the problems of home waste management by providing a hygienic, convenient, durable, environmental-friendly solution this is a value for money.

We stand by our product’s Mission and aim to innovate further with future models, add-ons and enhancements.